None of Sebastian Gorka’s Alleged Two Million Radio Listeners Seem to Know How to Use the Internet

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2019

The other day, Sebastian Gorka, the horrible Zionist shill who opposes free speech, tried to rally his alleged two million radio listeners to defend him on the Internet. He made the plea during the interview he conducted with Charlie Kirk, the head of the fake conservative shill organization Turning Point USA. The interview was meant to serve as damage control for Kirk after he got verbally destroyed by Patrick Casey and a group of groypers during a speaking event at Ohio State University.

Unfortunately for Gorka, nobody came to defend him. His YouTube channel was overwhelmed with groypers bashing him and Kirk. This means that Gorka does not have anywhere close to two million radio listeners, or that his alleged radio listeners are mostly all senile boomers who have no idea how to use the Internet. It is also highly likely that both are simultaneously true.

Either way, it is clear that the reach and importance of Gorka’s show is grossly exaggerated. For someone who has a nationally syndicated radio show, it is comical to see that his YouTube channel only has a little over 7,000 subscribers. And many of the videos uploaded to his channel have failed to break the 1,000 view mark.

The like-to-dislike ratio on Gorka’s videos is so bad that it is clear that most of the people who have even bothered to watch the content on Gorka’s YouTube channel are groypers opposed to his vile anti-American shilling. His video uploads that have over 1,000 views only broke the 1,000 view mark because groypers clicked on them in order to dislike the video or to leave a comment exposing Gorka’s fake conservative views.

Take for instance the like-to-dislike ratio on his most recent livestream.

It doesn’t get much worse than that.

And if you look at the chat replay of the stream, it was literally all groypers bashing Gorka as an Israel First shill.

What this shows is that this entire fake conservative establishment, which people like Gorka and Kirk represent, is starting to implode. They certainly wouldn’t have spent time attacking Nick Fuentes if they thought that he and the groyper army posed no threat.

We need to keep the pressure on Gorka and all these other shills who represent fake conservative incorporated. These people are in many ways much more of a problem than those on the proverbial political left. That’s because they promote all sorts of left-wing positions like unlimited immigration and the normalization of gay anal sex while falsely claiming that they are real conservatives because they support things like tax cuts.

Gorka does his show Monday through Friday 3 PM – 6 PM EST. We need to continue flooding into his YouTube channel. Also be sure to call in and ask him why he supports Israel over America.

Taking down fake conservative incorporated is an absolute priority. Gorka and these other fake conservative shills have no real political support. They’ve been artificially elevated into positions of prominence and do not represent the real American right-wing in any way, shape or form. It’s time to take down these shills once and for all.