Non-Whites Were Promised Asylum Seekers Would be Set Free if They Voted ‘Yes’ in Scottish Referendum

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2014

Most Non-Whites in Scotland were going to vote ‘Yes’, because it meant all the holding centres for asylum seekers would be shut down.

We can see why we should be glad that Scotland voted no to being independent, just from looking at the way the Non-Whites were intending on voting.

Muslims in Scotland were being urged to vote ‘Yes’ because it would have meant no more detention centres for asylum seekers, they would have all been set free to rape and pillage among the Scottish population.

They were also seeing Scottish independence as the best way to fight back against UKIP, who they see as being the biggest threat to the success of their invasion.

Scots Asians for Independence society.

Al Arabiya:

According to a poll by Asian radio station Awaz FM, 64% of Asians in Scotland, mostly Muslim, would vote for independence.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, a lawyer from Glasgow and national women’s officer for the pro-independence Scottish National Party, says Scotland needs to control its own foreign policy and immigration issues.

Policies imposed on Scotland by the UK government have caused a surge in popularity for far-right groups such as the UK Independence Party, she added.

“UKIP have managed to gain ground south of the border. We don’t want this in Scotland,” she said.

“We have a white paper called ‘Scotland’s Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland,’ and it outlines that people living legally in Scotland at the time of independence can remain.”

Ahmed-Sheikh says independence will lead to the closure of immigration detention centers such as Dungavel, located in Scotland.

“Scottish Muslims have a voice and it counts. For anyone still undecided, their vote should be yes,” she said.

Salmond snuggles up to Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, the ‘national women’s officer’ for the SNP.