Non-White Traitor to His Own Nation Tried to Kidnap 2 White Women in Another Country

Daily Telegraph
November 4, 2014

The women in Musarat Hussain’s country have to constantly dress like this to prevent themselves from being raped.

A PAKISTANI asylum seeker staying illegally in Australia ­allegedly tried to kidnap two women in the eastern suburbs, trapping them in his car as he terrorised them and asked them for sex.

Boat arrival Musarat Hussain, 25. whose bridging visa ran out in August and who had been paid $500 a fortnight by Centrelink, is accused of “actively … looking for vulnerable females late at night”.

The first victim was a nurse who was walking to a hospital in Randwick when she was ­enticed into Hussain’s Honda, Parramatta Bail Court heard yesterday. Hussain pulled over next to the woman at 8.40pm on October 23 and asked her for directions.

Police allege that he claimed not to understand her and pleaded with her to get in his car, so she could show him the way, and he would then drop her at work.

After reluctantly agreeing, his first alleged victim sent her friends a text message five minutes later that said: “I’m in a stranger’s car it’s a bit scary.”

Shortly after this, he allegedly pulled over and said to her: “Just give me five minutes and I’ll give you $200.”

“Please help me I’ll give you $200 I have too much sex.”

When the young woman tried to open the door and escape he blocked her and started “making (a) masturbating motion” — and the young woman screamed for help.

Parramatta Court heard how the Non-White asylum seeker tried to kidnap and sexually assault two women.

She then reassured him that she would submit to him, and he began unbuttoning his pants — at which point she unlocked her door and escaped.

On Saturday morning another young woman was allegedly subjected to a similar ordeal, the court was told.

She was waiting for a friend to pick her up in Randwick when Hussain allegedly pulled up beside her and said “can you help me?”.

She said “no, I’m waiting for a friend” but then Hussain allegedly opened the passenger door and tried to grab her, dragging her into the car while she screamed for help. He then allegedly slapped her.

Her ordeal ended when a taxi pulled up and the passengers went to her aid.

Police were slow to release details of the first attack, probably because they did not want to appear ‘racist.’

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