Non-White Pervert Doctor Fired for Performing Unnecessary Internal Examination on Female

Daily Mail
September 1, 2014

Dr Mohammad Tariquezzaman watched the patient undress, pulled down her underwear and said she had a ‘nice body’ at University College Hospital in south London.

A married doctor who told a university student she had a ‘nice body’ during a consultation before asking her out for a curry has been struck off today.

Father-of-four Dr Mohammad Tariquezzaman – known as Dr Zaman – performed an ‘unnecessary’ internal examination when the 20-year-old woman arrived at University College Hospital, London, complaining of stomach pains.

The 51-year-old ‘smirked’ as he watched her undress, pulled her knickers down to her thighs and commented on her appearance during the 20-minute appointment.

When the woman, known only as Patient A, told him she felt uncomfortable, he laughed and said: ‘This isn’t the first time this has been done to you.’

Zaman, who has worked in Britain for 18 years, also took her phone number, asked whether she had a boyfriend and invited her out for an Indian meal.

The patient’s mother, a nurse, contacted police after her daughter told her about the examination at the hands of Zaman.

The doctor, who also worked at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney, south west London, was cleared of sexual assault by penetration after a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in December 2011.

But he was struck by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel after they found him guilty of sexual misconduct.

The panel told Zaman that the examination was ‘unnecessary’ and his actions were sexually motivated.

The victim, referred to as Patient A, arrived at University College Hospital in south London complaining of stomach pains and was subjected to an ‘unnecessary’ internal examination by Zaman .

The devout Muslim had asked the MPTS panel to suspend him for a year.

But chairman Dr Vicki Harris told him: ‘The panel could not be confident that you had no attitudinal problems in light of your smirking, laughter and inappropriate comments to your patient during the internal vaginal examination.

‘Your actions were clearly deplorable and your breaches of Good Medical Practice [professional guidelines] were particularly serious.

‘They eroded the trust that patients are entitled to have in doctors. Notwithstanding the testimonials and the mitigation that you advanced, in particular that

relating to the financial and personal consequences of erasure, the panel has concluded that your misconduct is so serious that it is fundamentally incompatible with continued registration.’

She added: ‘The panel concluded that your extensive and material breaches of professional standards were so serious that it is necessary to erase your name from the medical register.

‘It considered this to be the only means by which it could meet its obligation to protect patients and satisfy the wider public interest.’

Zaman had denied the allegations, insisting he was not attracted to black girls, but the fitness the panel preferred the evidence of his victim.

The father-of-four also invited the female patient for a free consultation at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney, south west London.

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