Non-White Gay Bastard Tricked and Abused Over a Hundred Boys

Daily Stormer
January 15, 2016


Not sure what race this guy is, but it’s a race we don’t need in America.

Daily Mail:

A Minnesota man will spent at least 15 years in prison for enticing over 100 teenage boys to send him nude photos of themselves by posing online as a young woman.

Anton Alexander Martynenko, 32, has pleaded guilty to three child pornography counts – production, distribution and advertising – after victimizing at least 178 high school boys all over the country.

Prosecutors said that Martynenko first started preying on boys in 2011, approaching them on social media and identifying himself under aliases such as ‘Marie Anna’ and ‘Courtney Jansgen’.

He claimed to be a young woman who had just moved to Minnesota from Illinois and needed friends,The Star Tribune reported.

Other aliases claimed that he worked for a nude modeling agency, or that he was a college student at the University of Minnesota

Martynenko would send nude photos of the women he was claiming to be in an effort to get his victims to send photos back.

Prosecutors said Martynenko also performed sex acts on two of his victims after separately convincing them to come to his house.

Martynenko told one of the boys that he would be able to have sex with the woman he was posing to be if the teen allowed Martynenko to perform a sex act.

In another case, Martynenko threatened to publicly release nude images of one boy if he didn’t comply.

Investigators searched Martynenko’s home in Eagan in Odcotber and seized numerous electronic devices, including a thumb drive that contained folders of nude images and videos that were organized by name and age.

Some of the folders named the victims’ high schools, according to court documents.

Matynenko was then arrested on November 20.

He was initially charged with production, advertising, receipt and possession of child pornography.