Non-British Euros Demand Right to Remain in Britain After Brexit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2016

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Britain for the British!

I know that it’s a sensitive issue, but if the Brits want the Poles out of their country, the Poles should get out of their country.

I mean, if I was staying in someone else’s house and they made it clear they wanted me to leave, I would leave. This is just basic human courtesy.

And the fact of the matter is that Poles are not traveling to the UK because they love the culture and want to integrate into the country. They are traveling there for money. I don’t blame them for taking the opportunity, but pressing to stay in the country after Brits have made it clear they don’t want them there is not good.


EU migrants who come to the UK as Brexit nears may not be given the right to stay, David Davis has said.

The new Brexit secretary told Sky News there might have to be a cut-off point if there was a “surge” in new arrivals.

But he said setting a date now could in itself prompt a “rush” of people moving before any deadline – and any steps must be compatible with EU law.

It comes amid pressure on the government to guarantee the right to stay to EU citizens already in the UK.

Ministers have said it would be “unwise” to fully guarantee EU citizens’ rights without a reciprocal deal for Britons living in other EU countries.

Even if there was a reciprocal deal it would be unwise. Britain is richer than these other countries, meaning Brits in other countries will be able to apply for visas in other countries they are living in and be awarded them.


Because the Brits in other countries are not economic migrants, whereas the overwhelming majority of non-Brits in Britain are economic migrants.

Those who are not economic migrants can be awarded visas, if the British people choose to award them visas, but some type of guarantee for all non-Brits living in Britain is stupid.

Mr Davis, who was appointed by the new prime minister, Theresa May, to oversee the negotiations on the UK’s exit from the European Union, said he wanted to secure a “generous settlement” for both EU nationals in the UK, and British citizens abroad.

Mrs May has previously suggested migration could rise ahead of the UK’s eventual exit from the EU.

‘Beat the deadline’

“We have to do it all together,” Mr Davis told Sky News’ Murnaghan, saying that this stopped “anybody being used as bargaining counters”.

He added: “If we make a very generous settlement as I’d like to do, then people are going to say, ‘Oh but then that’ll attract lots more people in because they want to beat the deadline’.

“And so what I’ve said is, let’s deal with that issue when we come to it. One way of dealing with it could be saying ‘OK, only people who arrived before a certain date get this protection’ – there are other ways too.

“But we’ve got to do it within the law as it stands because at that point we’ll still be within the European Union.”

This is why feminism is such a problem.

It is now just normal not to allow basic logic into political discussion.

Do a cost-benefit analysis on giving some sort of blanket amnesty to non-Brits, and you will have your answer.


Hint: there are no benefits to a blanket amnesty program, because any non-Brits who are providing something to British society, rather than simply exploiting the labor market, can be given individual visas.

There have been calls from Remain and Leave campaigners to guarantee the rights of EU citizens already living in the UK.

Mrs May, who supported the Remain campaign, has previously said she wanted to guarantee their position and said this would be factored into negotiations over the UK’s exit package.

Labour MP and Brexit campaigner Gisela Stuart said earlier this month that the UK should not “retrospectively change the rights of its citizens”, and that anything other than a guarantee was “a failure of this government to protect its people”.

Just to be clear here, we are talking about non-British people who came to Britain for the sole purpose of working in a much richer economy.


Calling them British “citizens” is idiotic.

But are they demanding they be given British citizenship? I haven’t heard this talked about, but presumably that is what they all want.

Again – and I have to keep saying this because people will accuse me of “attacking other Whites” and “causing division” – I have nothing against the Poles or any of the other European economic migrants which have flooded Britain as a result of the EU open-borders policy. But clearly, having these millions of foreigners flood your country over a very short period of time puts pressures on your economic and social orders that can’t be explained with “well, at least they’re White.”


No one anywhere is arguing that European immigrants aren’t infinitely better than non-European immigrants. But nor is anyone presenting the option of accepting European immigrants instead of non-European immigrants.

All that the EU economic migrant program does is further break down the national identity of Western European countries, ultimately enabling the non-White invasion program, as the lower a country’s sense of national identity, the lower their resistance to non-White immigration.

As I’ve said many times before, I think freedom of movement is fine, as long as it is not accompanied by freedom to work.