NOLA: It Could Take a Month to Get the Power Back On (Lootfest Still on the Cards)

We thought that Ida was a dud.

It was a bad storm, but it ended and there was no serious flooding.

The flood walls that were built to protect these precious colored folks held.

I was really looking forward to seeing the blacks turn New Orleans into a full-on zoo.

Now NOLA is saying that their completely incompetent affirmative action teams won’t be able to get the power back on for a month.

All of the power lines into the city are wrecked.

Officials are telling people who evacuated (i.e., whites) to stay out of the city.

They also say they’re deploying anti-loot forces.

Could be some serious fun on the way.

Blacks are angry that their homes are wrecked and whites aren’t helping them fast enough.

“Nigga, my is house do be cracked, them white not even helped!”

Thus far, there’s only one viral looting video – filmed by a drone.

We might have a little bit of weave looting…

The thing that I fear most of anything right now is that without power, the blacks won’t be able to charge their phones so they can film themselves looting.

The thought that these blacks would be looting the entire city, but not be able to film themselves doing it, just makes me sick.

I think we need to airdrop battery packs for these blacks to charge their phones.

There’s an Indian woman campaigning to stop the police that are trying to stop blacks from looting.

Not sure what dog India has in this fight, other than they want viral looting content, but I support her efforts.

Police should never be allowed to stop blacks from committing crimes – that is literally the definition of racism.

If whites didn’t want blacks to engage in industrial scale mass larceny every time there’s a natural disaster, they should have never done slavery.