Nokia to Re-Release Primitive 3310 Phone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2017

This is an interesting business move.

Nokia really missed the boat by not producing Android phones, or any workable modern smartphone at all. They did these horrible Windows phones (even after they were sold by Windows) which they literally couldn’t give away.

So now they are embracing their image as a dying, dinosaur company by releasing a “classic” model.


One of the best-selling mobile phones of all time is set to be re-released as phone manufacturer Nokia is reportedly preparing to announce the return of one the greats from its past, the humble 3310.

The 3310, which was first released in 2000 and helped Nokia cement its then seemingly secure position as the leading cell phone manufacturer and increased its reputation as a maker of indestructible phones.

The Finnish company has since been surpassed by numerous competitors as phone technology took giant leaps. Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division for nearly $7.2 billion in 2013. However, less than two years later, they wrote off billions of dollars and resold the brand to a newly formed Finnish company HMD Global Oy for $350 million.

The 3310, which was a successor to the popular 3210, was famed for its incredible battery life, easy to use design and fantastic durability.

HMD is controlled by a group of former Nokia employees. When they took over the brand it was reported that their plan was to revive familiar “feature” phones whilst also moving on to Android-based smartphones and tablets. Now according to a VentureBeat source familiar with the company’s plans, the first of these familiar oldies is the 3310 and it looks set to be revealed at Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona later this month. VentureBeat says the device will go on sale for €59 ($62.40).

Besides self-mockery, I guess they are betting on the idea that the idea that the smartphone is “dead.” Basically, they have peaked, and short of something that plugs directly into your brain, the iPhone 6s is the peak of smartphones. The iPhone 7 has been mocked for having virtually no features beyond what the 6s has.

But I don’t think that because there are no new features on phones, people are going to start going backwards. But who knows. A lot of people are feeling fed up with smartphones generally, and the way they waste so much of people’s time, how they interfere with face-to-face communication because they are so addictive.

Maybe the 3310 will become a cultural symbol of some kind. A revolt against the modern world.