Nog Student Assault White Kid in a School Bathroom Over Vaping

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2018

It is possible this White kid is a Stormer reader and wanted to try vaping, as it was named our Man of the Year for 2017.

Even if he wasn’t, this article should teach any White kids who would try vaping to be careful.

If you can smoke, inhale, eat, sell  or touch it, a Black will probably try to steal it. You should always keep anything of value in your pockets and out of sight.

And of course do not relax.

Count on 2:

A Wando High School student is out on bond after a fight in a school bathroom last week. The footage of the incident was sent to News 2 by a concerned parent, questioning safety protocol at Wando.

According to police, the fist fight began over an e-cigarette. Police say 17-year-old Duntray Jones wanted a hit off of another student’s E-cig. In the victim’s statement to police, he says Jones punched him “out of nowhere in the jaw”. Police say after the first hit, you can see Jone put the victim in a choke-hold, slamming him on the ground, continuing to punch the back of his head. According to police, the victim never say the initial punch coming and was unable to defend himself.

A witness described the incident to police as a “premeditated robbery”. Jones was arrested for Assault and Battery 3rd degree, and given a $1,087 bond. He is scheduled to be in court again on March 1st.