Nog Commits Huge Act of Mail Fraud by Claiming His Apartment was a UPS Headquarters

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2018

Dushaun Spruce.

I think that the nogs are evolving.

Even a few years ago, they would be too stupid to think of something like this, let alone get away with it for several months.

New York Post:

Chicago resident Dushaun Spruce, 24, was spotted depositing nearly $60,000 in UPS checks into his bank account in late January, according to newly unsealed court documents and the Chicago Tribune.

The scheme began in October 2017, when Spruce submitted a written change-of-address form to the US Postal Service requesting that the UPS headquarters’ address be changed to Spruce’s tiny one-bedroom apartment, according to an affidavit.

At first, Spruce’s initials were on the signature line, but they were scratched out and replaced with “UPS,” the document alleges.

For nearly three months, so much mail was delivered daily to Spruce’s pad that the carrier had to place it all in a tub and leave it at the door, authorities say.

It wasn’t until January that a UPS security coordinator raised the alarm. It was later learned that among the pieces of mail shipped were five corporate American Express cards in various UPS employee names.

Postal inspectors went to the building and retrieved “several thousand” pieces of first-class and registered mail addressed to UPS. Some included the personal information of UPS employees, and others were letters to the CEO, business checks or invoices.

The same day, Spruce allegedly tried to deposit 10 checks addressed to UPS and amounting to $58,000 at First Third Bank.

It was truly the perfect crime.