Nobody Cares About North Korea (Except Jews)

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

There are no good reasons for why the US deep-state is forcing the world (including China) to try and starve North Korea into collapse. Pakistan is full of dangerous fanatics and they have nuclear weapons (that they regularly threaten India with, and vice versa). Angela Merkel’s dictatorship will rule Germany for longer than Hitler and they’re called “leaders of the free world.” All kinds of vicious states and insane people are supported and enabled by the USA.

North Korean scientists were trained in nuclear technology during the Cold War by the Soviets. This was in response to the USA moving nuclear warheads to South Korea to threaten the North, China and the USSR.

Now with their backs against the wall, the DPRK’s knowledge of nuclear proliferation is in demand by other anti-globalist resisters like Iran and Syria, which could in theory use these weapons to geopolitically balance Israel’s illegal nukes. This is the only reason why the Jew warmongers and their tools in Washington are willing to risk millions of people dying. All of this is being done to quell some neo-con Kikes’ paranoia!

Now the US deep-state has potentially been caught trying to assassinate the leader of North Korea.

Tech Crunch:

A member of South Korea’s parliament who sits on its defense committee is claiming that North Korean hackers have stolen some of his nation’s most sensitive military documents — including a plan to assassinate North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

The South Korean Yonhap news service is reporting that Rhee Cheol-hee, a member of the country’s ruling political party and a sitting member of its parliamentary defense committee, said the information North Korean hackers stole came from the country’s Ministry of Defense.

The hackers apparently accessed plans for South Korean special forces, information about power plants and military facilities, and wartime contingency plans crafted jointly by the U.S. and South Korea.

The BBC is saying that the South Korean defense ministry has declined to comment on the allegations. Press officers from the U.S. Department of Defense were not available for comment at the time of this article.

Rhee claims that roughly 235 gigabytes of military documents had been stolen from the Defense Integrated Data Center and that 80% of the stolen documents haven’t been identified.

Apparently, the hack took place last September. The South Korean government had announced that a large amount of data had been stolen from its systems in May, and that North Korea may have been behind the cyber-theft, but the government didn’t detail what was taken.

Since Korea elected a new President, Moon Jae-in, over the summer, the government may be willing to expose the missteps that occurred under the previous administration of the now disgraced and impeached former leader, Park Geun-hye.

North Korea has denied the hacking claims.

If these allegations are true, this is not only an act of terrorism under international law, it sets the stage for a pointless yet brutal war!

The second Kim Jong-un is killed will be when they retaliate against Seoul and perhaps even make attempts on the US mainland. The idea that the US would steamroll North Korea is a myth. The DPRK may have a tiny population but it is highly militarized and their morale is much higher than the American armed forces. Their defensive technology is sufficiently advanced to the point where they could actually win because they want it more.

So why not just leave them alone and let them live however the hell they want? The North Koreans want the US to stop doing mock-invasion drills on their border and the ability to trade with its allies China and Russia. Is that too much to ask?

China and Russia spoke up on behalf of North Korea offering a “dual-track” peace, where the DPRK would freeze its nuclear tests in return for the US suspending its military invasion drills on its border. At the UN, “Nikki Haley” took the proposal outside to E42nd Street and shit on it.

If it wasn’t for North Korea’s nuclear capabilities they would’ve been bombed to smithereens by now. They’d have gay pride parades marching down the street in Pyongyang instead of cool mass gymnastics celebrating their history and people.

Hands off North Korea!