Noble Elephant Warrior Kills Indian Boy to Defend His Tribe

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

Just listen to those diabolic noises.

Can you blame the Elephant for wanting to purge?

Daily Mail:

A schoolboy was trampled to death by an elephant in India after the herd became startled by a group of children who had come to observe the animals. Distressing

Elephants have been dealing with Indian dirtskins since forever and they’ve had it with those cockroaches.

They’re neons now.

An elephant can be seen chasing a child through a field before disappearing from view, while onlookers are heard screaming and shouting.

Elephants are one of the world’s most intelligent animals. They have like 300 billion neurons, a remarkable ability to use tools, and can produce art and music.

They also have a great problem-solving ability.

Can you say the same for the rest of People of Planet Color?

Of course not.

The “problem-solving” ability of mud creatures.

Other animals are also more deserving of a place in the world. They’re endangered but instead of helping them, we’ve somehow decided that it’s more important to help dark plague creatures to reproduce further because they have like two arms and walk kinda like us and they also can kinda make some noises that sound similar to some of our words.

India should have already been nuked into oblivion. It might be too late for that now. We might have to resort to other means of cleanse, such as bioweapons specifically targeted to their kin, to protect based elephant neon-nazis and other worthy species.

Really, elephants are great allies. They’ve been fighting the good fight for a while, too.

…and they don’t mess around.

They can also mimic our noises and understand pointing gestures. The fact that they look different to us shouldn’t keep us from accepting their help.

How long are we going to wait before we take action?

Until there are no more allies left?

Until we’re all alone against the mudmanoids?

The time to fight is now. It’s always now.

We have to decide what do we want to see more of.

Do you want green lands filled with worthy beings?

Or do you want decay and desperation?


Each moment that passes by, one increases and the other one decreases.

It’s happening right here in our land too.

We’re letting our world get taken from us.

Fight back.

You won’t be alone.

Elephants are doing it.