Noam Chomsky Goes on Russian State TV to Say the Capitol Storm was Justified

There were two 1,000-year-old Jews in America. It’s not like the Highlander. There can be more than one, technically. But now, like the Highlander, there is only one.

America had two 1000-year-old Jews. One of them died today. The other appeared on Russian state television to say that the Capitol Storm was historically justifiable because America has failed to implement communism correctly.


The US public is fed a narrative that everything is “fundamentally wonderful” in the country, despite some hiccups; but in reality, serious problems plaguing the US are not acknowledged by the elites, Noam Chomsky told RT.

The US likes to see itself as an inherently good force always trying to correct its mistakes, and this approach is evident in how the January 6 Capitol Hill riot was covered, Chomsky told RT’s Chris Hedges. This perceived reality of neoliberal elites is not based on facts, the renowned thinker and co-author of the seminal book on media complicity in disastrous US policies, ‘Manufacturing Consent’.

“This assault on the Capitol shows the power of American democracy, ‘cause we didn’t collapse into a fascist state. And that enabled us to show that American democracy in its magnificence has triumphed,” he said, describing the prevailing narrative. Similar self-deceiving triumphalism gripped the US in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

But the reality is that there are “really serious ills” that neither of the two parties is willing to talk about, which makes it impossible to reflect on the causes of the Capitol disturbances.

“What’s being discussed is ‘a crazed mob’ as if they came out of nowhere. They didn’t come out of nowhere,” Chomsky said.

Here’s a second clip:

(The whole interview is somewhere in this 30-minute video right here.)

The similarities between the old left and the new right are that they have the same critique of modern “neoliberalism” (dumb word, really, but okay).

I can see how some people see this and say “well, what this guy is saying is right – we should ally with him.”

Unfortunately, there is virtually no overlap in the way of solutions to these problems.

However, that isn’t really that unfortunate, actually, because Noam Chomsky is turning 1,001 this year, and he’s not going to be around much longer, and Jimmy Dore is about to get banned from YouTube, and has no clear solution to that problem. Glenn Greenwald is just a rebellious homosexual Jew who enjoys saying things that are contrary to the establishment (identical motivation to a neo-Nazi, in fact, just in the reverse – neo-Nazis rebel against normal white people by siding with Jews, while Greenwald rebels against Jews by siding with normal white people).

Ultimately, at the end of the day, the neo-Nazi goes home and chugs bottles of ranch dressing, whilst Glenn Greenwald goes home and does… whatever exactly it is that homosexual couples do with their “adopted” male children (it’s one of the fundamental mysteries of life, but most people speculate that they play board games and watch old sitcoms together, such as Green Acres or I Dream of Jeannie).

Noam Chomsky is so old he isn’t relevant to anything. And I have never met a single person who follows Jimmy Dore or Glenn Greenwald who isn’t a right-winger, parading around their “based leftist” like Republicans parade around their “based black guys.”

Listen to these leftists, whatever, that’s fine. I would listen to Jimmy Dore sometimes if he didn’t have such a filthy mouth. But don’t delude yourself into thinking there is some body of white or white-aligned nonwhites who even share this critique, let alone any overlap at all in solutions. This leads to some of the dumbest bullshit I’ve ever seen on the internet – “oh, well, we could give them some socialist policies if they agreed to deport the immigrants.” That is QAnon level thinking, and anyone entertaining it should be ashamed of himself.

(By the way, I don’t blame RT for interviewing Chomsky. I would interview Chomsky. He says some interesting things, and he’s a historical relic. But you know – let’s stay connected to reality here about the implications.)

(By the other way, as far as I can tell, King never interviewed Chomsky. I obviously had the idea to look, and thought there was maybe a 15% chance that he had at one point done that. But he didn’t. It’s a shame. They should have done the interview last week, when it would have been most relevant.)