“No Violence Day” in 83% Black Detroit Ends with Nine Shot and Two Killed

Stuff Black People Don’t Like
May 24, 2016


Easily the best story of 2016.


Life in 83 percent black Detroit never fails to provide comedy for those who don’t wish to be a causality of modernity. [Detroiters hold “No Violence Day” to protest crime in the city, Fox2Detroit, May 23, 2016]:

While the weekend proved to be very violent, some Detroit community members held a “No Violence Day” demonstration.

Eleven funeral homes joined the demonstration — from the west side to the east — parading their hearses through the city.

Prior to this latest shooting — in the 24 hours prior — nine people had been shot and two were killed. A 15 year-old girl is in critical condition.

“This is our protest against violence,” said Pastor Ovella Davis of the United Communities of America. “We have to let those that  are engaged in violence know that it’s not acceptable. As people, we’re tired of it and we’re asking them to stop.”

The demonstration ends with a rally at Martin Luther King High School.

The experiment has gone on long enough.

No longer should our children be sacrificed to the false of god of equality, with generations forced to endure the insanity of today so tomorrow some disingenuous white liberal can lecture them about how “the current year” disqualifies their formerly sane view point as bigotry or discrimination.

And to think, the “No Violence Day” demonstration ended with a rally at Martin Luther King High School…