No, The Saudi Pulp Fictioned Journalist Situation Does Not Fall on Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2018

The New York Times – or as I call it, the Jew York Times – has a big article up on the current state of the allegedly Pulp Fictioned Saudi journalist, saying that everything now rides on Trump stepping in to fix it.

Basically, the argument is that the Turkish officials – who allegedly have both video and audio recording proving that this murder and bone-saw event happened – are afraid to act and the only way they will act is with Trump’s blessing.

Turkey just released an American pastor, presumably as a gesture of good faith in light of this situation.

But here’s the thing: no one even has to act. Unless the Saudis are able to produce this guy alive – or produce video footage of him leaving the embassy alive – then they are doomed.

In the modern world, you simply cannot send in a 15 man team and kill a dissident journalist in your own embassy and then hack his body up with a bone saw and get away with it.

As I’ve noted, the situation itself is almost too stupid to believe it’s real. I just cannot comprehend why you would do this.

Even if you broke into his house and killed him and the guys who did it got caught and it was linked back to you, you could still just deny it. But when you do it inside your own embassy, there is no room for denial.

And this Prince Salmon guy is a lunatic.

As Pat Buchanan notes:

Today, the Saudi prince has become toxic, and his ascension to the Saudi throne seems less inevitable than two weeks ago. Yet, well before Khashoggi’s disappearance in the consulate, Crown Prince Mohammed’s behavior had seemed wildly erratic.

Along with the UAE, he charged Qatar with supporting terrorism, severed relations, and threatened to build a ditch to sever Qatar from the Arabian Peninsula. To protest criticism of his country’s human rights record by Canada’s foreign minister, he cut all ties to Ottawa.

Last year, he summoned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Riyadh, held him for a week, and forced him to resign his office and blame it on Iranian interference in Lebanon. Released, Hariri returned home to reclaim his office.

A professed reformer, Crown Prince Mohammed opened movie theaters to women and allowed them to drive, and then jailed the social activists who had called for these reforms.

Three years ago, he initiated the war on the Houthis, after the rebels ousted a pro-Saudi president and took over most of the country.

And, since 2015, the crown prince has conducted a savage air war that has brought Houthi missiles down on his own country and capital.

Yemen has become Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam.

That Lebanese President situation was just as stupid as killing someone in your own embassy, it just didn’t have the fallout.

This is genuinely a case of “these people are literally as dumb as niggers and thought this act made sense – they did not have the foresight to see what the international response would be.”

These people shit on hookers. They are bizarre, stupid and inbred. They are dangerous.

This is going to destroy them, for a long time. It might even lead, as Buchanan goes on to suggest, to regime change in the country. Prince Salmon is pretty much certainly gone. If he had some plan, he would have enacted it already.

Though none of what is going to happen is up to him, Trump should kill the arms deal now. Because it is going to happen no matter what. There is no way around that. For better or for worse, that just is what it is.

All kinds of private businesses have already announced that they won’t be attending an upcoming conference in Saudi, and Richard Branson pulled out of a deal with them.

The whole world is now coming down on these people, and there is at this point clearly no way to fix this situation.

I don’t know that Trump actually wants to save the arms deal. He might be bluffing. Certainly campaign Trump would not have made the arms deal, and we’ve been seeing a whole lot more of campaign Trump recently, so I would not dismiss the idea that he might actually want out of it and is just waiting for more and more people to start demanding it.

This could lead to an Iran deal. That might sound crazy, but there is a path there for that. Iran knows they have to make a deal, and the US pulling out of a deal with Saudi might give them enough room to sell the deal domestically after making all of these outrageous threats.