No, The Bio Front Hole Individual Margaret Atwood is Not Jewish

I wrote on Tuesday that the bio front hole individual Margaret Atwood is trying to erase the existence of the trans community by falsely claiming that women exist.

“Women” do exist, but that word is exclusive to trans women. Bio front holes have no claim to the word “women,” and when they try to claim control of that word, they are literally killing trans women by disenfranchising them.

The proper terms for a bio front hole are thus:

  • Bio front hole
  • Individual body with a vagina
  • Menstruating individual
  • Individual who menstruates
  • Birthing body
  • Biological vaginal entity
  • Bipedal bio entity with a front hole

Nowhere should the word “women” enter into the conversation, unless we are talking about trans women, who are the only real women.

It’s not me saying this – it’s science.

Science is the ultimate determiner, and science has determined that so-called “women” simply do not exist. They are a social construct invented by the patriarchy to oppress trans women.

Bipedal menstruation bodies like Atwood are angry that their power is being taken from them. They’re angry that they’re being kicked in the face and dragged down to where they belong: in the dustbin of history.

I’m certainly not the only person who feels that science should come before the stupid, meaningless and pathetic emotions of these menstruating individual bio holes.

The gay Jew David Oliver has stood up for science and pushed back against Atwood’s attempts to incite violence against trans women.

He writes:

“‘Woman’ is in danger of becoming a dirty word … struck from the lexicon of officialdom, eradicated from medical vocabulary and expunged from conversation,” wrote Rosie DiManno in an Oct. 15 guest column in the Toronto Star. DiManno posits that an attempt at inclusivity – i.e. saying “person who menstruates” instead of “woman who menstruates,” to honor transgender men and nonbinary people – actually erases women from the conversation.

Atwood’s apparent endorsement of the article sent shockwaves through the trans community, at a time when they are still reeling from the fallout of Dave Chappelle’s transphobic Netflix special which led to a staff walkout on Oct. 20. USA TODAY has reached out to Atwood’s publicist for comment.

Advocates for the trans community say Atwood’s choice of sharing this piece is simply one of many that threaten the group’s livelihood – serving as a dog whistle for anti-trans legislation and sentiment.

“Atwood’s recent tweet is disappointing but not surprising,” says Lydia X. Z. Brown, a disability justice advocate. “Casual trans-antagonism – anti-trans oppression – is widespread in society, just as casual ableism and racism are. Unfortunately, many people coming from privileged perspectives falsely believe that any perceived increase in visibility or attention for marginalized communities is an attack on them, which is the sentiment echoed in the article Atwood shared.”

Florence Ashley, a jurist and bioethicist in Toronto, is wary of Atwood’s large platform. “It is difficult enough getting people to understand how trans rights are not taking away from cisgender women’s rights without people sharing poorly researched and argued columns,” Ashley says.

Now, concerns linger whether Atwood may head the way of other famous writers who express an inkling of transphobia. (Atwood has doubled down on her defense of the writer, who has raised eyebrows writing about the community in the past.) Think J.K. Rowling and her transphobia.

“This tends to happen a lot, where we see a famous person drop some small hint that maybe they’ve been consuming anti-trans content online, and then immediately upon the backlash, drum a whole lot more,” Reed says.

That really is the true threat.

Atwood has a big platform to spread these anti-scientific, anti-Semitic lies that promote her own twisted ideas of privilege. This will lead directly to violence, as bodies with menstruating front holes become angry that they can no longer claim the title of “women” since real women – trans women – have taken that identity from them.

Atwood is stoking rage in biological hole individuals, which is going to lead to murder and genocide.

The first step is for her to be banned from Twitter.

The next step is to cancel the show The Handmaid’s Tale. This show has really led to bio front holes believing they are special, or that they matter, or that they are women. Front hole individual bodies can’t matter until the lives and lived experiences of trans women are RESPECTED.

Many people wondered if Atwood was Jewish. No, she is not.

Jewish people tend to respect trans lives, and don’t go around spreading anti-scientific tropes and canards about how women exist.

Feminists learned for a long time that “women are better than men at everything.” That was true, at the time. Now, however, scientists have studied “gender” and found that there is no such thing as “women,” and that trans women are the only real women. A goy feminist hears that and is confused and upset, and lashes out to defend her menstruation privileges, whereas a Jew feminist hears that and starts cackling with joy at the prospect of true equality on the horizon.

Jews know that if you start saying things like “women have vaginas,” the next step is firing up the gas chambers to “gas the kikes.” That’s why every Jew that I’m aware of is a trans advocate, and in fact, Jews like David Oliver of USA Today are at the forefront of the program to completely erase “women.”

Just so, a body with a vagina quickly goes from saying “women have vaginas” to “it’s time to fire up the steam chambers and gas these kikes.”

After all, Adolf Hitler himself believed in the false trope and anti-Semitic canard that “women have vaginas.”

Anti-trans leaders like Margaret Atwood believe that “six million is not enough.”

Meanwhile, Jewish feminist biological birthing holes respect trans existence.

TERFism is truly a goy phenomenon – hence its direct links to anti-Semitism, Nazism, Adolf Hitler, and the Holocaust.

Goyim hate science, they hate trans lives, and most of all, they hate the Jews.

This is why for so long Jews have rightly been calling for a crackdown on the goyim, to finally put them in their place once and for all.