No, That Wasn’t a Joke Post – You’re Just Not on My Level (Yet)

On Thursday, something happened that most of you probably didn’t see because you’re somehow still not using Tor and was down.

I wrote a post wherein I responded to a reader’s concerns about the looming eventuality of the government forcing people to take the vaccine.

I posted, in response, this video from the famous Chinese poet Administrator Nuisance Flora:

A common response from the few that saw it was “I can’t understand what the fuck that monkey is mumbling about.”

Well, here are the lyrics:

12 Hunna on the beat
For my squad, I go hard
I love my squad
For my squad, I go hard
Yeah, Sosa baby
GBE, baby
Heh, heh, heh, heh, yeah

I love my squad
For my squad I go hard
You holding that cash, get robbed
Or get somebody dropped at your squad
Nothing but shooters and stars in this squad
GBE 3Hunna O’Block
All these fuck niggas mad, cuz we on top
We ain’t tripping we letting off shots
And they know

Got a hundred up in that TEC, so fuck nigga don’t get wet
I say it’s just us, it’s just that, and bitch I’mma rep for my set
So fuck nigga duck, or get wet or have Boss Top at your neck
I’m screaming free 5 and free Slick
For the week, keep niggas upset
Lots of bankrolls and hoes, I be banging bad hoes with my bros
We be some stars, that bitch know, act slow slap her with a bankroll
My boys gone blow, that nigga know, he better pray to God for his soul
We come with this TEC, to his show, and start popping shit, Crisco
Tray Savage got the mac, and he coming at your back
We at your front and your back with them thirties in them straps
We got hundreds in them tecs, make it rain niggas don’t get wet
Bitch we thumbing through that check, we pull up, they “who is that”

Unfortunately, they do not appear to have been transcribed into English.

I am not an in expert in ebonics, but I’ve produced a rough translation:

I spent $1,200 for the production of this song
I protect my loved ones
I love my friends
I protect my loved ones


I love my friends
I protect my loved ones
If you have money, we will steal it from you
Or we will kill your friends
All of my friends are wealthy murderers


Other people are mad because we have a lot of money
We are serious people and we will shoot guns at you
People are aware we do this

I have Tec-9s so don’t anger me or I will shoot you
I only care about my friends and I take care of them
If I shoot at you, you will have to move out of the way or get shot, or my friend will slit your throat
My friends should be released from prison
Everyone is angry at me and my friends

I have a lot of money so me and my friends have sex with a lot of women
We are successful, so women want to have sex with us because women love money
My friends will kill you, as others are aware, so they should make peace with God
We drive around with TEC-9s and shoot people
My friend has a MAC-10 and he will shoot you in the back
Me and my friends will unload 30 round magazines into the front and back of your body
We have hundreds of dollars worth of TEC-9s and we fire them indiscriminately


The song was posted in response to this video by Anthony Fauci:

No, I’m joking and I disavow that joke.

But it applies, despite my disavowal.

As one astute reader understood:

I believe the colored gentleman was suggesting, through song and prose, that if any individuals appear before him, or those for whom he holds great affection, with nefarious intent, those hypothetical individuals are now hereby warned that they are likely to be met with forceful resistance.

The visuals are also important.

As I noted, the learned elder Administrator Nuisance Flora is communicating that he is:

  • Not worried or stressed
  • Laughing and enjoying life normally
  • With a crew
  • Ready to die for his people
  • Taking care of his kids (lol)
  • Telling anyone who wants some to come get it and see how it goes
  • Looking at the whole situation like it’s a joke

You see a stupid ape bobbing up and down and spewing gibberish.

I see:

Another astute reader pointed out, with regards to the initial question of “what to do if they try to force vax me”:

Probably go back in time and take the advice that has been being promoted on this website for over a year. It’s pretty late in the game at this point, but the move is to get yourself to a place where this will not be enforced, whether it is in a backwards country or a less compliant hinterland within your own country. If you’re still in a place where they will be able to implement an enforceable vax mandate, then you done played yourself, kid.

That is 100% accurate.

You should have moved.

I didn’t say that six million times for nothing.

But yeah, even if you did move, there exists a chance that someone is going to show up with a plan to force vax you.

In which case, you need have it clear in your head that any such force vaxers who show up at your dwelling place are going to need to be prepared to either:

  • Duck, or
  • Get wet

This is just the situation.

None of us created this situation, but there is a very real chance we’re going to have to deal with it.