No Sex: Coronavirus has Completely Halted the Human Reproductive Process

Remember when I told you this would happen?


While our focus is on beating the virus now, the real cost will come in future with the after-effects lasting generations. A drastically reduced birth rate causing a major shortfall in labour is an indication of what’s in store.

As the restrictions defining Lockdown 3.0 turn ever more draconian, the authoritarian crackdown on dissent and the increasingly grim prognosis for Covid-19 are having a serious impact not just on the here and now, but on our future. Things are so serious, people have stopped having sex.

The UK birth rate is expected to plunge to a record low this year, thanks to a weary population left so deflated by this interminable coronavirus pandemic that the last thing on their minds is bringing more children into the world. Why would you?

It is not just in the UK that this slump is compounding problems. Across the globe, 23 nations expect to see their populations slashed by half as birth rates fall below the critical 2.1 required for growth, according to a study from the University of Washington last year.

Even practising seems to have fallen out of favour, with one survey out today suggesting that one in four Brits cannot even remember the last time they had sex. That’s how grim we have become. Laugh or cry?

Hey, you know who’s probably having sex, despite the fact that there’s a virus?






Basically, every headline I see, I think “oh yeah hey – I remember when I told everyone that was going to happen!”

This is a curse, folks.

I’ve been cursed with a sickening ability to recognize obvious things happening in front of my face.