No Refunds on Steroids: Bernie Threatens to Remove Delegates Who Criticize Biden, Party or Media


What do you mean you want a refund?

Sir – this is a bread line.


After delegate drama in 2016, Democrats aren’t taking any chances this time. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) has asked at least some of his 2020 delegates to sign a pledge saying they won’t denounce Democratic party leaders or other candidates, won’t be argumentative with anyone on social media, and won’t speak to the press without explicit approval.

“Your role as delegate comes with a series of responsibilities and requirements,” states the Sanders delegate agreement, published by The Washington Post. It includes a social media policy, a code of conduct, and a non-disclosure agreement for delegates.

Failure to follow these policies could lead to “disciplinary action, including but not limited to your removal from the delegation,” it states.

“Social media postings have the potential to generate media coverage,” notes the Bernie 2020 Delegate Social Media Policy. “If a member of the media contacts you about a posting of any kind: ​do not respond,” and instead forward it to Sanders press staff.

Other social media rules that the Berncucks are subjected to include:

  • Assume everything you post is ‘on the record’ and will be attributed to the Candidate and the Campaign.
  • Do your best to avoid online arguments or confrontations. If engaging in an adversarial conversation, be respectful when addressing opposing viewpoints or commenting on the opposition.
  • Refrain from making negative statements about other candidates, party leaders, Campaigns, Campaign staffers, supporters, news organizations or journalists. This Campaign is about the issues and finding solutions to America’s problems. Our job is to differentiate the senator from his opponents on the issues—not through personal attacks.

I’m surprised they don’t have to offer Joe Biden the bodies of their children “for temporary or permanent use, as the presumed nominee sees fit.”

The Bernie people are not nearly as mad as they should be, apparently.

Chris Liquori, a Sanders delegate from New Hampshire, told the Post, “I think the campaign is trying to avoid, you know, a walkout or some really bad optics a la 2016.”

Is it good optics for the Democrats to stifle internal divisions and try to silence members who may be upset with the party’s status quo? Not all delegates think so.

“Some of the wording was really stifling what to say,” Lori Boydston, a Sanders delegate from Colorado, told the Post. But she said the Sanders people have been willing to talk with delegates about their concerns and try to make changes. “What we really want to do is make sure we’re still talking about issues.”

But many in the Democratic Party establishment—especially those who’ve made a hobby of hysterics over “Bernie Bros”—are psyched about the attempt to silence Sanders supporters.

What is the point of being a Bernie delegate after Bernie already quit and is giving no refunds? Aren’t they just effectively working for the Democrat Party? They don’t even get paid.

But they all seem to have sold out. You don’t hear about them. All the major figures supporting Bernie sold out, including AOC and Tulsi Gabbard.

In fact, Tulsi is dropping her lawsuit against Hillary Clinton in order to show solidarity with the establishment!


Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has chosen to let Hillary Clinton get away with calling her an agent of the Kremlin, dropping the defamation lawsuit for the sake of party unity and defeating President Donald Trump.

While Gabbard and her campaign “remain certain of the action’s legal merit,” the new reality of the Covid-19 pandemic requires them to “focus their time and attention on other priorities, including defeating Donald Trump in 2020, rather than righting the wrongs here,” her attorney Dan Terzian wrote in the court filing withdrawing the lawsuit on Wednesday.

It was a far cry from the fiery tone of the original complaint, filed in January, accusing Clinton of lying “publicly, unambiguously, and with obvious malicious intent” when she claimed Gabbard was “the favorite of the Russians,” in an October 2019 interview.

So much for that bitch! Her lawsuit was actually good!

It was the first time I ever supported a brown person, a woman or a Democrat – and she was all three. I got triple betrayed by the triple threat. I won’t make that mistake again. No browns, women or DEMON-RATS ever again.

This is the exact same thing that Ron Paul did in 2012 when he fled with the money and endorsed his weasel son, who then went on to endorse Mitt Romney. Politicians are all finks, and if you think one of them is good, it just means they’re good at tricking you. Seriously – give me one example of a politician who didn’t sell out.

At least Jimmy Dore is riding hard, a Bern victim resurrected.

In fact, he’s actually talking about the relevant issue that we’re entering into a decades-long (read: until the end of America) depression, something that most right-wingers aren’t even talking about.