No One Knows What “08.03.2020” Means

I recently came across an article on WIRED that attempted to make it look hip and cool that reddit censored r/The_Donald.

It is called “The Hate-Fueled Rise of r/The_Donald—and Its Epic Takedown.”

Because that is where we are at now as a society: the media can make political censorship fashionable among the youths.

All the cool kids agree – multinational corporations censoring political dissidents because they said naughty words is radical, dude.

They should put Alexis Ohanian and his gigantic gorilla wife on the cover of Thrasher magazine.

“Maximum Rad: Bangin’ Alexis Pulled a Gnarly Move and Busts Some Squares Who Disagree with the Federal Government and It was Wicked Sick, Brah.”

The basic concept that there are people who believe everything that the media says and are aggressively shilling for global transsexualism who believe they are edgy and hip puts my head on the verge of actually exploding.

But here’s the thing.

I was interested in when the article was published. So I checked the byline.

It says this:

Does anyone know what that means on the internet?

Is it August 3 or March 8?

WIRED was an American magazine, but they also had British and other international versions, and they now print authors from different countries on their site.

But I guess they think writing the date like that is cool and hip, like censorship.

It’s sickening.