No One Even Wants to Go to the Super Bowl

Tom Brady is somehow back at the Super Bowl again this year (which is really incredible and something I didn’t think would happen), but in a Twilight Zonesque twist, no one is interested in attending the event.

Sports used to be the only thing in the country that was able to bring people together. Then leftists became so faggy that they weren’t interested in sports anymore. However, even after losing interest, leftists decided to destroy the experience for the right-wingers who remained interested by demanding that the negro players “kneel before ZOG.”

Meanwhile, leftists attacked the working and middle class with their coronavirus flu hoax. Thus far, the working class and lower-middle has lost a lot more than the middle-middle and upper-middle. (Eventually, it will be everyone who isn’t a billionaire or a bureaucrat or some kind of corporate or social manager. But it will take awhile.)

Furthermore, believing in the hoax has become a kind of status symbol, because it shows you’re not worried about starving. You don’t see a lot of poor people going around caring about the flu.


  1. Poor people tend to be savvier than middle class people when it comes to really obvious things
  2. They can’t afford to be worried about something so trivial

So, you put all that together, and you have a situation where leftists either don’t care about sports at all, or they’re (ostensibly) too afraid of the virus to go outside, and right wingers either aren’t interested because of all the politics that have gone into sports or they don’t have the money.

That’s the story of why you can’t sell tickets to what was once the single most popular annual cultural event in America.

Yahoo! News:

GameStop stock isn’t the only commodity in a free-fall this week. Make way for the secondary Super Bowl ticket market.

Despite a dream matchup mixing in iconic quarterbacks and strong fan bases (not to mention a home town participant), Super Bowl LV tickets have been sliding dramatically over the past several days. Secondary market brokers are growing skeptical that this weekend’s Super Bowl will be the most expensive ever and are wondering if it can even eclipse last season’s Miami matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

As of Monday, this year’s matchup between the Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers was running a cheaper average get-in price than Super Bowl LIV in 2020. According to data from online ticket marketplace TicketIQ, last season’s get-in price for the cheapest entry to the game settled at $6,603. That’s solidly more than the latest get-in data for Sunday’s matchup, which TicketIQ put at $5,936 early Monday. As of Monday evening, pods of four tickets could be had for as little as $6,278 per ticket through TicketIQ, which falls below last season’s line and falls far below the most expensive average “get in” tickets in Super Bowl history: the 2015 matchup between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks in Glendale, Arizona, which settled at an average of $8,764.

I know it’s a big right-wing concept that people should stop watching sports. I’ve never really supported that. Obviously, if someone is completely obsessed with anything, it is negative. But telling people to stop watching sports strikes me as fundamentally anti-fun, and getting into the freak zone. It’s no different than boomers telling people to stop playing video games.

I was never really into sports myself. I would just watch or read enough to have some concept of what was going on. Because if you didn’t know anything about sports when I was growing up, you were basically anti-social.

However, the normalcy of sports banter has been in decline for years, and the Black Lives Matter thing finally killed it totally, and that’s what you’re seeing here: the corpse of America’s cultural pastime (I know baseball typically holds that moniker, but it really applies to all the sports, especially since the 80s, when basketball and football started getting more popular than baseball).

Regardless of your opinions on sports, and even if you’re a complete anti-social weirdo who hates everything and just complains all the time: it’s a sad thing for our culture to see the one thing that still sort of brought people together finally falling apart.

It’s a time for mourning, in some way. Even if you view the old culture as decadent, its passing is in fact the result of a much greater decadence.

What is concern for global warming, coronavirus and systemic racism if not the ultimate form of moral decadence? These people are saying, “I have the economic resources and educational background to discuss frivolous fantasies with others of such privilege, why should I bore myself with the entertainment of the plebs?”

One of the things I appreciated about Donald Trump is that he liked sports. He was even a regular guest star on pro-wrestling. During the whole kneeling fiasco, he was tweeting about how Vince McMahon should reboot the XFL (an alternative timeline football league with a pro-wrestling aesthetic, which he had tried before) – McMahon ended up actually doing that. It’s now owned by The Rock, after coronavirus restrictions shut it down last year and McMahon was going to close it again. (Maybe Trump could coach one of the teams now that he’s been freed from his obligations at the White House?)

You’re not going to see these sorts around here again, I can tell you this.

There’s a new type of man in town.

“What use hath I for yon athletic negroes, who passeth their balls to and fro? For I hath the economic, educational and and social stores necessary to speaketh of woes much greater than those of thine negro with his balls. Yonder is the universe, in all its glory, and I sitteth atop the world, gazing into eternal woe. Mine pity is for the man who can only but cheer and weepeth for his negroes with their balls, for mine woes art cosmic in scale. I crieth out with a great cosmic sound as I weepeth for otherworldly visions of warm winds melting ice, of a plague which decimates the minds of men, of a grand heavy-handedness towards the negro, who hath become mine kin. One may catch and throw a ball, but enlightenment must be courted like a maiden alabaster, and grasped like a fleeting dream.”