No One Arrested in Border Attack Will Be Prosecuted, But Holy Rain Turns Tijuana Caravan Camp to Mud

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2018

No consequences.

In an unsurprising turn of events, brown hordes continue to push the boundaries of huwhitey while huwhitey wonders if existing is racist.


No criminal charges will be filed against any of the 42 people associated with a caravan of Central American migrants who were arrested in a clash that ended with U.S. authorities firing tear gas into Mexico to counter rock throwers, The Associated Press has learned.

The decision not to prosecute came despite President Donald Trump’s vow that the U.S. will not tolerate lawlessness and after extensive preparations were made for the caravan, including deployment of thousands of active-duty troops to the border.

Also, don’t forget:

Charges were not filed because the administration generally doesn’t separate families and because Customs and Border Protection didn’t collect enough evidence needed to build cases, including the names of arresting officers, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Customs and Border Protection acknowledged that no charges were filed but declined to say why.

Administration officials have portrayed the caravan as a lawless, violent mob, saying there are some 600 people in the group who have a criminal history. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a tweet after the Sunday clash that the actions by the migrants were “dangerous and not consistent with peacefully seeking asylum.”

The perpetrators will be prosecuted,” she said then.

She lied, then.

It’s 2018, you can attack the US border and try to force your way in without suffering any consequences. Are these violent creatures even going to be kept from claiming asylum? Do they even know who attacked the border? They all look practically the same.

But there was retribution.

Al Jazeera:

As heavy downpours Thursday night flooded the already unsanitary encampment in Tijuana’s northern side where thousands of Central American asylum seekers are being housed, authorities began moving small groups to a new government-run indoor shelter, 20km east of the US-Mexico border.

A total of 700 out of the 6,000 people sheltered at the Benito Juarez sports complex were transported in buses to the new facility.

Buses arrived on Friday morning to transport others, but many expressed scepticism due to the distance the new shelter is from the border.

Yeah, it’s easier for them to launch surprise attacks when they’re closest.

The rain had turned most of the camp to mud, flooded tents and forced some migrants and refugees to move out of the shelter and onto neighbouring streets where concrete floors made for better sleeping ground.

Living conditions for migrants and refugees are getting worse and wait times for the asylum process are increasingly drawn-out, exasperating Tijuana officials and migrants.

Sounds like race war.

Mirna Contreras was sitting in her tent waiting out the rain on Thursday afternoon. She said she was sad because she didn’t have enough money to rent a room in a local hotel.

Let’s say she enters the U.S. and is able to stay, what then? The government, which means the American people, would have to provide her with housing and a job, or food and money gibs until she can get a job on her own. It’s a lose-lose situation for Americans. Nothing to gain and plenty to lose.

“My tent is slowly flooding. It’s really cold at night and I have a bad cold,” she told Al Jazeera.


Tijuana’s Government Secretary Leopoldo Guerrero confirmed the new shelter is spacious enough to house all of the migrants and refugees. But he said the city government is struggling to meet the need for resources including clothes, medicine and food.

The government expects about 4,000 more migrants to arrive in the city in the coming months.

Just as if you leave food outside you can expect flies to gather around it, if you offer gibs you can expect orclings to swarm you.

Many accuse the US government of deliberately slowing the number of asylum applications it accepts, an allegation officials deny.

Of course. The idea is to not let anyone in and to stop wasting American’s money in gibs for destructive parasites. These are not asylum seekers, they’re vicious gibs-seeking criminals.

Group of orcblins praying to The Gibs.

Mexicans have provided them with a new shelter after the Holy Rain retribution for their attack on the border ruined their camp.


Caravan migrants in Mexico fill new border shelter after rains force exodus.

Hundreds of mostly Central American migrants poured into a new shelter on Friday as bus loads fled a filthy, flooded sports complex on the eve of a presidential inauguration in Mexico that could recast the border crisis with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Not only they suffer no consequence after attacking the US border, but they enjoy new gibs.

How about we stop the incentives these creatures have for coming?

No wonder they fetishize America so much. From their perspective, the US is nothing but a gigantic, harmless basket of never-ending gibs.