No, Not Chadwick! Please, Anyone But Him!

2019 (left) vs 2020.

Something dire has happened to our beloved Chadwick.

May our hearts be upon him.

New York Post:

Chadwick Boseman sparked concern among fans when he posted a video of himself on Instagram and unwittingly revealed his notable weight loss.

The “Black Panther” star took to the social medium Wednesday to announce the launch of “Operation 42,” a donation of $4.2 million in personal protective equipment to hospitals that service the African American communities hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. (Boseman starred as Robinson in the 2013 film “42.”) However, fans focused more on his dramatically thin frame instead of his message.

“I hope your okay, your appearance has changed,” one follower wrote.

“Dude, I’m all in for this, but please reassure your fan base about your health ’cause even I am starting to be kinda worried,” wrote another.

It’s unclear if Boseman, 42, has lost the weight for an upcoming role. He’s slated to appear in the TV series “The Black Child,” out in 2020, and “Black Panther II,” which is set for a 2022 release.

I would really respect Marvel – and black people, for that matter – if Black Panther 2 was a straight drama picture about the Black Panther getting AIDS and struggling with the advice from his fellow Wakandans that the only way to cure it was to rape a virgin.

“My king, our tribe knows of only one cure for this affliction.”

I would especially respect them if in the end he decided to rape the virgin – and it worked. And then the message was “I guess this was another thing that the white man, with his science, was wrong about…!”

The problem with black people and their entire image of themselves is that everything has to be based on how they’re superior at doing things white people do. If they just started saying the things they do are the best, you could have a lot more respect.

Anyway, I was going to suggest that he’s having hormonal issues from taking steroids. But I have never seen Black Panther, and looking up images of his body during the filming of that, he’s honestly probably not on steroids.

He could be, but basically black people have about twice the natural bodybuilding capacity of whites, due to their incredible testosterone levels, and the reason most of them don’t ever get really jacked is because they don’t have the discipline to train. But you put a black guy in his 30s with a professional trainer, and you’re going to get good results.

So more than likely, assuming Black Panther 2 isn’t about the African AIDS struggle, he’s had some kind of standard psychotic breakdown, probably involving Hollywood conspiracies, mixed with Black Islam and whatever else.

We should probably keep an eye on him, as he could start saying some interesting stuff about Jews any minute now.