No Mo’ Immigration: How to Break Through

Tom Paine
The Right Stuff
June 26, 2016


Are you, like me, an Alt-Right shitlord occasionally dropping RealTalk on normie colleagues over drinks? When you discuss Trump, do you face their invincible ignorance in explaining his proposal to temporarily halt Mo’ (Mohammedan) immigration? If you find it hard to break through to them, this article is for you.


Relentless propaganda over the last half century has indoctrinated the man on the street with beliefs that:

  • (1) all cultures/religions have equal value,
  • (2) all cultures/religions have equal material outcomes in the absence of discrimination and other differing environmental factors,
  • (3) cultural/religious differences overwhelmingly benefit society (“Diversity is our Strength”),
  • (4) negative differences will rapidly disappear with assimilation over successive generations (“the Melting Pot”), and
  • (5) calls for caution (the Precautionary Principle) or predictions of negative outcomes are racist utterances of the paranoid far right.

Consistent with these beliefs, official propaganda assures us that Mohammedan immigration is beneficial to us. This line is pushed by Muslim Brotherhood shills (Barry, Hillary) and cucks (Ryan, Churchians) alike. Opposing them are Trump and similar-minded nationalists in Europe.


To break through through to people opposing Trump’s temporary proposal halting Mohammedan immigration.


Most discussions about Mohammedans start with terrorism, which is fine. There is lots to discuss from the depravity of 2004’s Beslan school massacre through atrocities at the Bacalan Theater last year to Orlando in [Current Year].

After waystations of the Crusades (them: Christians are just as bad; us: defensive war, and what about [Current Year]?), the discussion typically gets to their old standby: more people die in car crashes than from terrorism. Conceding their point while mentioning terrorists are seeking nuclear-biological-chemical weapons, I usually note that terrorism is the tip of the iceberg in daily Mohammedan predations on non-Mohammedans. Beneath the waterline is crime including sex crimes against non-Mohammedan women and children.

From experience, I’ve found much inconclusive back and forth until I focus on Rotherham: 1400 White women and children raped, gang-raped and tortured by English-born Mohammedan men. 10% of all English girls aged 11 to 25 years between 1997 and 2013 in this one town were victims. After they scoff when I bring up what appears to be a paranoid far right smear, I ask them to use their phones to look up Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal on (center-left) Wikipedia or to skim the government-commissioned Jay report on the subject. (You should look them up right now–I’ll wait.)

One minute later, they are in shock. Beliefs (1) through (5) are shaken. They usually ask why is this the first time they are hearing about Rotherham, a good lead-in to discussing media bias.

On the topic at hand, however, it is usually sufficient to mention this is only one of hundreds of similar clusters of crimes across the UK (scroll down on the Rotherham Wikipedia page), Germany (2015 New Year’s Eve, and months before and since), Sweden (Rape Capital of the West), Australia (Sydney Gang Rapes), Burma (why many Rohingya were forced out of this Buddhist country), Nigeria (Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping aftermath) or anywhere Mohammedans migrate worldwide. Ask them if they think this isn’t happening in the United States right now (perhaps they think Magic Dirt stops it).

Maintain Frame

Do not exaggerate or overstate the case, the facts speak for themselves. I find laying out those facts calmly, clearly, firmly has quickly converted many people to a realistic view of Mohammedan immigration, a view that logically necessitates it be stopped.

Possible Rebuttals

  • Them: white men are just as bad. Us: show me the evidence.
  • Them: that is not the real Islam. Us: it is consistent with Mohummadan behavior worldwide including that of the Islamic State (IS). IS is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who has a BA, MA and PhD in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad. What are your credentials in Islamic Studies?


Stopping Mohammedan immigration is necessary for the West’s survival. More immediately, it is set to be a defining topic of the US 2016 Presidential Election. Trump needs to prevail on this topic with voters to win. While not everyone can be moved into his column on this subject, the approach outlined in this article–focusing on Rotherham to break through–has been proven to work IRL and (both as memes and conversations) online. Try it, refine it and give us your feedback.


Supporting statistics on Mohummadan crime can be found at Those Who Can See.