No Malarky: Joe Biden Sucks Wife’s Finger on Iowa Campaign Stop

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2019

Joe Biden sucked his wife’s finger at a campaign rally on Saturday, for some reason.

While the media is asking “why?” Donald Trump posted a funny meme, they’re not asking “why?” Joe Biden did this act. It is a much more interesting question.

That is a really, really weird thing to do.

Can it be explained as a “senior moment”? Maybe, if it wasn’t for Joe’s long history of touching people in inappropriate ways.

He appears to simply be a sick pervert.

What to say?

I will say that even though this weird incident has gone viral, I doubt it will be the “final screw-up” that ends his campaign. In fact, I don’t think there will be such a moment. I think it’s more likely that Joe’s base of old white people is committed to him and that it will be other candidates losing support and dropping out that causes Biden to lose frontrunner status.

Right now, second, third and fourth place – positions oscillating between “progressives” Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg – make up about 45% of the support in polls, which is much larger than Joe’s 25-30%.

When two of these three drop out, little or none of the support is going to go to Joe Biden, because he is running an “old white people only” primary campaign, which appears to care little about alienating people who do not fall into that demographic.

That means that even if Joe wins Iowa and New Hampshire, when we close in on Super Tuesday, Joe is going to be getting buried by whoever the last man standing is among the remainder. Yes, I understand that Sanders might want to stay in either way, but even if it becomes a contest between Biden, Sanders and Warren, Warren should be able to pull ahead of both. She will likely be able to pull support from Sanders in this situation as well, by warning that she’s the only progressive that can beat Biden.

This finger-sucking incident happened on the first stop in Joe Biden’s “No Malarky” Iowa bus tour.

Seriously, that’s what it’s called. It’s literally written on the sign.

I know how advertisement and focus groups work. And I know that all of this stuff goes through multi-million dollar marketing firms. But the message of “No Malarky” as a campaign slogan evades me. It seems to be saying “I’m an old white man.”

Biden used the term in a Vice Presidential debate with Paul Ryan in 2012, prompting several outlets, including NPR, to publish articles explaining what the word meant (even though it was obvious in context).

Unless that word is still in use in Iowa, in the way the antiquated term “pop” in reference to soda is still in use in Ohio (there are various examples of this across the nation), then this has to be a purposeful callback to films which portray stodgy old men saying “that’s a bunch of malarky.”

Just googling “that’s a bunch of malarky movie quote,” I’ve found that the line is used by Robert De Niro’s angry old man character in “Meet the Parents” (the character is a stereotype – an archetype even – of an “old white man,” literally an evil Catholic anti-Semite who is angry his daughter is marrying a Jew).

I’m certain I’ve heard it in dozens of films, always by characters who are out of touch old white men who are angry at “kids these days.” I assume that is the immediate connotation that the word has with all people under the age of 50. Although I guess “white people over the age of 50” is Joe Biden’s target audience in the primaries, so I can see how this term did well with his target demographic.

But I can’t help but think that there was bad data involved here. Because in marketing, you never want to alienate potential customers outside of the primary target demographic by pandering exclusively to the primary target demographic. So for example, if the word “malarky” had a 90% positive response among white Iowan Democrats and Independents over 50, but an 80% negative response among all Iowans under 50, then this would be bad marketing.

Joe’s failure to make a sincere effort to appeal to anyone other than old white people will go down as the reason for his loss, and will be used in the future by Democrats as a reason to not even try to appeal to white people at all.

It Doesn’t Really Matter Anyway, The Election is Already Decided

Once again: none of this really matters, because Trump is going to win in 2020. The Democrats are not even trying. If they actually wanted to win, they wouldn’t be doing this impeachment hoax, which has shot Trump’s numbers up to the highest they’ve ever been, nor would they be running this insane primary like this.

Progressives do much better as an opposition party than as rulers at this point in the game. In the larger sense of “politics are just theater,” the people who rule want four more years of Evil Racist Nazi Orange Man being the villain in order to justify everything they are going to do to white people when they do gain power. Globalists have always played the long game.

The primaries are simply a display of all the things they are going to do to you in 2024.

For example:

All of this stuff will be possible in the wake of Donald Trump.

It’s going to get really weird, I can tell you that much.

I did hope that Tucker Carlson would make a run in 2024 and save us all.

But honestly, I’ve been watching him, and he’s too drunk. His face is swollen. I am certain he’s been threatened behind the scenes, in a very real way. He’s not handling it well.

I’m not going to say we don’t have a chance – we do. It’s possible that in his second term, Trump will lay the groundwork for a better candidate – who may or may not be Tucker Carlson – to come in and win and save us from this Biblical Apocalypse situation.

But right now the odds are that Trump’s second term will look a lot like his first, the 2024 candidate will be Mike Pence or the semi-retarded son of Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and we will lose and we will enter a new era of Jewish terror.