No Gender December Campaign Urges Parents to “Buy a Boy a Barbie”

Daily Stormer 
December 12, 2016


Gender Neutral Parenting: Start with ‘stereotypical’ gender and slowly transition to the opposite non-existent gender

You know who thinks you should buy your growing son a Barbie Doll?

This CEO who is giving off strong Kike and Homosexual vibes:


Ten Play:

As part of ‘No Gender December’ Australian parents are being encouraged to buy their son a Barbie doll for Christmas in order to stamp out gender stereotypes.

Good Education Group CEO Chris Lester said parents are being urged to de-gender their Christmas presents, as well as to think outside the box.

The best present for your daughter this Christmas may not necessarily be a nerf gun, but rather a Jewelbot, a Roominate set or Goldieblox,” he said.

Mr Lester went on to explain that the No Gender December campaign aims to rid of the perception that only men can work in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields.

There’s an exciting new wave of gender-neutral toys designed to encourage more girls to develop fundamental skills in maths and science beyond stereotypes,” he said.

So little boys have to be forced to play with Barbie dolls because less women work in STEM fields?

If they believe girl toys hold women back, then if a boy played with them wouldn’t they also hold him back? Is the purpose to try and I guess ‘dumb down’ men so that women can take all the jobs?

I’m not sure if they realize this, but if somebody (regardless of gender) is interested in science, technology, engineering or maths…they’re interested in science, technology, engineering and maths, regardless of what they’re given as a gift for Christmas or any other time of the year.

The only real reason a person wouldn’t be able to take on a subject is if they didn’t know it existed. And i’m pretty sure girls know about technology and maths…


Because girls are shielded from what technology is, right?

If women are a minority in those fields then I’m pretty sure it’s because the interest isn’t as strong there as it is for men. Why is this bad and why do we need to force them to be interested in things they aren’t?

This constant liberal narrative that women are being told only men work in those fields is ridiculous and very untrue.


Where is this stigma that women can’t work in STEM fields? Afghanistan? Saudi Arabia?

Feminists are the only ones filling girls with doubt.

I bet girls never thought that they couldn’t be mathematicians or programmers until feminists drilled it into their heads that everybody thinks they can’t succeed at anything and are worthless.

Yo goyim. I heard you like ethnic food, so I put tens of millions of Pakis and Arabs in your country so you could eat ethnic food while I genocide you.

Goy, your daughter doesn’t want to be an Ironworker because your son doesn’t play with tea party sets!

I’m surrounded by the general narrative that urges women to take up whatever career they please (except being a mother of course) and am yet to hear somebody say that a woman is incapable of working in a certain field. (And random internet user doesn’t count. )

Just as toy shops typically separate girl’s from boy’s toys, workplaces in the Western World are sharply divided between pink and blue jobs.

Mr Lester said women make up more than 70 percent of the education and training sector, and almost 80 percent of all health and social workers.

However they represent less than 12 percent of roles within the mining and construction industries and under a quarter of the manufacturing and transport sectors.

I’ve always laughed at liberal logic because they don’t believe in gender stereotypes yet are intimidated by an aisle being pink or blue.

Aren’t they the ones who say ‘pink isn’t for girls, blue isn’t for boys‘ ? If this is how they honestly feel then they should think nothing of what color a toy section is.

But they have lots to think about it and very much want to make sure boys are in the pink section.

Sissy is the new masculine, goyim

Ah, that’s better. Now girls can be mathematicians!

And yes, why aren’t more women working in the mines? Shouldn’t feminists be begging for such jobs? Or don’t they want them because they’re too dirty and exhausting?

Sweden gave into the whole ‘no gender stereotypes’ fad and ended up with this.



They care about the narrative so much that it’s ok for girls to be doing classical ‘housewife’ stuff so long as there’s a boy standing next to her doing it as well.

Shouldn’t the girl be playing with swords and digger trucks? Or is the true purpose of this to make boys feminine?

Why isn’t the boy doing his own hair, or doing a fellow boy’s hair? Doesn’t she have batman figurines to play with?

If this is all about broadening a child’s horizons then how come the first boy to be put into a Barbie commercial is a fag? Why can’t he look like a straight male?


It’s not natural for boys to be masculine but I guess it’s natural for them all to be faggots? Confused.

Tony Abbot (the last Prime Minister of Australia who did not filter his thoughts against boat people) disagrees with the campaign.

Although former Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not a fan of the campaign claiming he wanted “boys to be boys and girls to be girls”, according to News Corp.

I certainly don’t believe in that kind of political correctness,” he said.

Above all else, let parents do what they think is in the best interests of their children”.

You’re a good man Tony.


Make sure this Christmas you don’t buy your son a Barbie Doll.