No Forgiveness: Fredo Should be Fired for Mocking Trannies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2019

At the faggot town hall CNN held in Los Angeles on Thursday, everything was going good.

It was a big lovefest.

Then Kamala Harris came out and said that her pronouns are “she/her/hers” and Chris Cuomo, the psychopathic fag basher, said “mine too.”

How dare a hetero CIS white male make a joke.

He should apolo –

Oh. Good.


Now, he should be fired.

It’s just not right to joke about trans people, who have been oppressed for millions of years.

Trannies are dying because white people aren’t giving them enough money, and some people hurt their feelings.

This is not a joke.

Women are being born in the bodies of men left and right and it is a very difficult error to correct.

This is about a whole lot more than which holes you get fucked in – this is about the heart, and who we truly love.

We need solidarity, not snark.

Chris Cuomo should be in prison.

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