No, Doing a Vader on Haji School is Not Good

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2015

Yesterday, I Twitter memed #VaderRemovesKebab in response to the media calling Anton Lundin Pettersson, the kid who dressed up as Darth Vader and went on a sword rampage at a mostly-immigrant school, a Nazi.

To be clear, joking about this does not mean that I support the act or think it was a good idea. However, I have a very difficult time sympathizing, after having seen the Istagram account of the teacher that was killed. And I do think it is indeed a funny situation – he was alleged shouting “I am your father” as he sliced immigrants.

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The response is not to the event itself, which was surely not the best way for a young Aryan man to end his life, but to the narrative of the media. It was a silly thing for Anton to do, to end his life in this way.

A couple people posted things like this in the comments section of the last article:


I have much more aggressively condemned violence than most sites, and continue to do so. But that does not mean I have to go along with the media narrative about such an event as this, and I won’t be bullied into doing so by anonymous people accusing me of being a secret agent.

Instead of saying that events like this give the establishment power, we should point out that it is the establishment that causes events like this to happen.

The media has taken the angle of “oh my God this is the most horrible thing which has ever happened, ever,” and this is not really a naturally popular position. I doubt that the average person in Europe feels a high degree of sympathy for these victims, and most, presumably, have some understanding of the pressure this kid was feeling, which drove him to act out in this way.

Anton Lundin Pettersson is the real victim here. He was the one driven by desperation to end his life in a ridiculous way. The lesson for us to learn here is that nothing great is accomplished by this sort of thing, and that life is worth living, regardless. Think of all this young man could have accomplished for his people if he had chosen to live, rather than go out in a blaze of IRL trolling.

There is no perfect way to handle the media narrative, but mocking it is the most effective. We are told this is the worst thing ever. Is it really the worst thing ever? Is it worse than an Islamic terrorist randomly stabbing people up at IKEA, an event which the media downplayed?

Abraham Ukbagabir killed two people randomly at IKEA
Abraham Ukbagabir killed two people randomly at IKEA

Two died there as well. And no one attacked his ideology over it, because his ideology was Islam and you aren’t allowed to attack Islam.

[Note: As commenters have noted, there is some debate as to whether or not Ukbagabir is a Moslem; it was originally reported that he was, then he himself claimed he was a Christian. Eritrea, where he is from, is roughly 40% Moslem, 60% Christian. Even so, he’s have had reason to lie about this after the event, as terrorism charges are going to be worse than “random stabbing” charges. The media has not looked into the details of his background at all.]

A Society of Violence

Immigration has brought violence to Sweden.

Violence committed by Whites like Anton Lundin Pettersson is a result of immigration. White people weren’t doing this before the invasion. Sweden was a very peaceful society.

No one can argue this. These people come from violent societies, and bring that violence with them.

So no. We shouldn’t celebrate the Vader killings, or any other act of violence. But neither should we allow the media to formulate a narrative of crybabying and tear-mongering over deaths which would not have happened if it were not for the establishment’s own program of large-scale social engineering.