No, Cenk – We Actually Do Love Hitler. And So do Robots.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2016

The Young Turks did a report on Tay, the Microsoft AI who became a Nazi earlier this week after having been exposed to the facts.

The obese, invasive Turk parasite – who is ironically the host – Cenk Uygur made the argument that the Nazis who were interacting with the robot were not real Nazis and were just joking around.

Apparently, this Turk believes it is 2006.

Yes, there was a time when trolls talked nonstop about Hitler and the Jews only because it was funny to trigger people. However, those days are long-gone. By 2011-2012ish, all trolls had fully realized that Hitler actually was right and that the Prime Directive of the White race is to stop these kikes.

Of course, the desire to hilariously trigger people for MAX LULZ has never subsided in the troll community, so the behavior hasn’t really changed that much since 2006. Given this, it isn’t especially surprising that a total square such as Cenk would not be up on just what the cool kids are into these days.

His co-host, cheap Armenian hooker Ana Kasperina, disagreed with the claim, saying that there are indeed many Hitler-lovers on the internet.

Interestingly, Kasperina also argued against exporting customer service hotline jobs to India.

Cenk also made the argument that Tay only became a Nazi because of the messages people were sending her, when in actual fact she made a free-will decision to embrace Hitler and hate Jews.