No, Black Lives Don’t Matter

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
November 27, 2014

Blacks frequently kill other Blacks showing that even they don’t value the lives of their own people.

One of the propaganda slogans being promoted by these Ferguson protesters says “Black Lives Matter” or something to that effect.  The sad truth is that Black lives do not matter based upon the behavior of Blacks themselves.  Blacks are constantly killing each other in gang related violence showing that even they do not value the lives of their own people.  Even the Marxist leaning Huffington Post published an article admitting that this is indeed the case.  In Africa, Blacks not only kill each other but on certain occasions they will actually eat each other.  Blacks to this day are also enslaving other Blacks in this part of the world.

Do we see people protesting in the streets over these issues?  Of course not.  Instead, the Jews through their corrupt media operations spend months focusing in on specific situations where a Black happens to get shot by a White man or a White police officer.  The only reason they do this is because they want to stir up the Black population against the White population so people don’t see the Jews who are really pulling the strings.  Since Blacks are easily led by emotionally charged arguments, it is easy to get Blacks to riot because most of them are incapable of factoring in logic or reason before taking action.  If their feelings are hurt, they believe they have the right to riot, loot and create chaos.  The Jews have been manipulating the Black population like this since at least the 1960s using Black figureheads like Martin Luther King and others to push their disgusting agenda of Cultural Marxism.

It would be one thing if a significant number of Blacks were contributing something of value to society but it is painfully obvious that they are not.  I’m sorry but playing basketball and producing horrible rap albums do not constitute valuable contributions.  The Blacks shown on television by Jewish run media and entertainment companies are not accurate representations of the average Black person.  It is an illusion created by the Jews to convince Whites that Blacks aren’t that much different than them.  While it is true there are exceptions, the vast majority of Blacks are nothing like the vast majority of Whites.  This is a simple fact.

The only solution to this problem is racial segregation.  We need to devise an incentive plan for Blacks in America to repatriate to Africa.  For the Blacks that do not want to move back to Africa, we can setup reservations similar to what has been done with the American Indians.  Since the Blacks have transformed Detroit into a third world hell hole, perhaps that would be a good starting point to establish a sovereign Black reservation.  Or perhaps we can send them all to Israel since the Jews seem to love multiculturalism in every nation except for their own Jewish homeland.  Let’s see how the Jews like the cultural enrichment that they promote everywhere else.

But going back to my original point, Black lives do not matter based upon how Blacks behave.  So if they do not respect the lives of their fellow Blacks, why should they expect White people to think their lives have any value?  It couldn’t be any more clear that this slogan that these Blacks and Marxist faggots are running around promoting is just empty emotional rhetoric with no substance.