NJ Mayor Condemned for Saying He Supports “Good Black People”

He was supposed to say, “I support hardened black criminals – the nastiest of the nasty, the gang members who will kill you without blinking. I support them 100% and believe they should have a right to kill whoever they want.”


Protesters are criticizing the mayor of a Union County township for saying he was “pro-Black for all the good Black people” that he knew during a demonstration against social injustice Saturday.

In the video provided to NJ Advance Media by protester Reid Alexander Ranalli, several demonstrators during a protest in Clark Township asked Clark Mayor Sal Bonaccorso if he would declare that he was “pro-Black.”

“I am pro-Black for all the good Black people that I know in my life,” Bonaccorso responded.

After hearing the displeasure of the crowd, he continued.

“I can’t say that I am for anybody if I do not know you,” he said. “I am for people. Good people. Law-abiding, hard-working, good family, good friends, and people with good intentions. If you’re Black, great. If you are white, great. If you are Hispanic, great. It does not matter. I judge people on how you judge me. If you want to be my friend and stick your hand out, I’ll shake your hand, and I will look you in the eye. My family is Italian-American. When my grandfather came to this country, he was discriminated against.”

They really hate when you say that. Unless you’re Jewish. Then you can just keep saying it over and over and tell the blacks your life is worse than theirs.

Emails to Bonaccorso, a Republican, and the township office for comment on the pushback were not returned Tuesday.

In a video of his address to the crowd, he also said he was not racist, and that he “will treat people always with respect.”

The crowd and protest organizers took issue with the mayor’s comments.

“I thought the mayor said whatever he could to avoid committing to that statement, being pro-Black, and all of its implications,” protest organizer Hanif Denny told NJ Advance Media.

Ranalli, who grew up in Rahway, said he and many of the other protesters were there Saturday to discuss racial inequities in Clark, and said he didn’t think the mayor acknowledged those inequalities.

“(The protesters) were talking about growing up, and kids would be afraid to drive through there because they get pulled over,” Ranalli said. “The elements (of racism) are already there.”

Because of racism and so on – you know, slavery and so forth – white people are obligated to support real killers among the black community. Gang rapists, baby murderers, cannibals – all of them.

In fact, it would have been a nice gesture if during his speech, the New Jersey Mayor would have said “I support that black guy who killed and ate his grandma.”

That would have really gotten the message across.

There’s only one black guy you shouldn’t support: