NJ High School Wrestling Team Banned from Tournament After “Racist” Photo

Daily Stormer
February 22, 2014

A new dark evil has emerged, as some New Jersey high school boys have taken a photograph which could well hurt a black person’s feelings and posted it on the internet.

From the AP:

An attorney for eight New Jersey high school wrestlers scratched from a state tournament days after a photo surfaced of team members apparently simulating a lynching said the boys only intended to show school spirit.

Scott Wilhelm said in a prepared statement that the boys didn’t think what they were doing could be seen as insensitive and they were sorry for offending anyone.

The picture posted online showed seven boys in Phillipsburg wrestling attire surrounding a black wrestling dummy wearing a Paulsboro High School T-shirt and hanging from a noose.

Though there are only 7 boys in the photo, 8 were banned from the tournament. Maybe the eighth took the photo. Or he could just have some type of hatred-by-proxy.

Can you imagine if a black person had seen this photo and had his feelings hurt by it? It would be almost as bad as the holocaust.

Oh dear Lord.... the horror...
Oh dear Lord…. the horror…