Nixon and the Jews: Part 3

Diversity Macht Frei
March 6, 2017


… He said they were having trouble getting CIA records on Kennedy’s decisions or actions on Cuba and South Vietnam. Then the President switched the subject to getting the Internal Revenue Service to give them records on political opponents opponents and stop investigations of their friends: “John, we have the power but are we using it to investigate contributors to Hubert Humphrey, contributors to Muskie, the Jews, you know, that are stealing every—You know, they have really tried to crucify Hobart Lewis, Robert Abplanalp, I mean, while we’ve been in office even…. And John Wayne, of course, and Paul Keyes….” Lewis was the editor of Reader’s Digest. “What the hell are we doing?

… He was raging again about the Internal Revenue Service. “Billy Graham tells me an astonishing thing,” he told Haldeman on September 13. “The IRS is battering the shit out of him. Some son-of-a-bitch came to him and gave him a three-hour grilling. Connally took the name of the guy…. Now here’s the point. Bob, please get me the names of the Jews, you know, the big Jewish contributors of the Democrats…. All right. Could we please investigate some of the cocksuckers? That’s all.” There was more of the same the next day: “You see, the IRS is full of Jews, Bob…. That’s the reason they’re after Graham….

Graham, in the office later to discuss holding his crusades in states critical to Nixon in 1972, had his own ideas about such things, as recorded by Haldeman in his diary: “There was considerable discussion of the terrible problem arising from the total Jewish domination of the media…. Graham has the strong feeling that the Bible says that there are satanic Jews and that’s where our problem arises….”

…Then Nixon called Mitchell, first telling him he wanted the Immigration and Naturalization Service district director in Los Angeles fired or transferred: “The fellow out there in the immigration service is a kike by the name of Rosenberg. He is out. He is to be out….”

… Nixon met with Haldeman, Kissinger, and Ziegler for three hours, going over details, including the list of just over one hundred reporters, news executives, and cameramen and other technicians who had been chosen by the White House for the trip [to China]. “Are there any non-Jews here?” Nixon asked as he read down the list.

… Later, Haldeman came in to tell Nixon that his men had discovered that most of the Watergate leaks were coming from the FBI. “It’s pretty high up,” he said, and named the deputy director. “Mark Felt.” “Now why the hell would he do that?” the President asked. “You can’t say anything about this, because it will screw up our source…. Mitchell is the only one that knows this and he feels very strongly that we better not do anything because … if we move on him, he’ll go out and unload everything. He knows everything that’s to be known in the FBI. He has access to absolutely everything.” “What would you do with Felt?” Nixon said. “Well, I asked Dean…. He says you can’t prosecute him, that he hasn’t committed any crime. Dean’s concerned if you let him know now he’ll go out and go on network television…. I think he wants to be in the top spot.” “That’s a hell of a way for him to get to the top,” Nixon said. “… Is he a Catholic?” “Jewish,” Haldeman answered. “Christ,” said the President. “Put a Jew in there? … What’s the conveyor belt for Felt?” “The Post.” “It could be the Jewish thing,” said Nixon. “I don’t know. It’s always a possibility.”

…Ehrlichman and Haldeman were most faithful scribes, filling hundreds of pages as the meetings in Aspen Lodge went on day after day behind the chain-link fences and spotlights on the perimeter of the two-hundred-acre mountain retreat. Their notes quoting the President and recording his orders included: “Not brains, we want loyalty”; “Foreign Service appointments—based first on loyalty then competence”; “Get good hacks in the departments as Secretaries under this system”; “Fewer people talk to the President—cut the staff”; “Eliminate the politicians, except George Bush. He’d do anything for the cause”; “Do quotas—balance—Too many Jews. Tell Richardson this in spades”; “Italian, Mexican—couldn’t find any. Plenty of blacks—must keep some incompetent blacks”; “Publicize Ash and Shultz as Catholic”; “Genius needs to be recognized—e.g. HAK. Henry is a rag merchant, starts at 50 percent to get 25 percent. That’s why he’s so good with the Russians.”


Source: Richard Nixon: Alone in the White House by Richard Reeves

See Parts 1 and 2.

Watch this documentary about Nixon, which features many recordings of him speaking, often juxtaposed with other footage of what he was speaking about. It is obviously intended to harm his reputation according to conventional standards of public morality, but I imagine most visitors to this blog will view it more sympathetically. Much of it is hilarious.

You can’t help but be struck by the parallels between Nixon and Trump. Nixon also seemed to be engaged in a war against political correctness while pretending to stay within its boundaries. And, like Trump, Nixon sensed that the entire Establishment, including the press and elements of the government apparatus, was working to undermine him. It was largely his feeling of grievance about this that led him to resort to underhand methods. His logic was: they are playing unfair against me, I will play unfair against them. Will Trump make similar choices and will his presidency end the same way?