Nippon Bends the Knee: Offers 500,000 “Guest Workers” a Chance to Work in Japan

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2018

Weebs the world over have had Christmas come early this year.

Japan has decided to open its borders and allow half a million guest workers come in.

I assume that this means hundreds of thousands of English teachers and anime enthusiasts.


In a sign the country is opening up its insular job market, the Japanese government decided Tuesday to welcome more than 500,000 foreign workers through fiscal 2025 to offset the labor shortage in industries such as agriculture and construction.

The move will be written into Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s new economic policy outline due out in mid-June, with the necessary legal revisions to be submitted to parliament this autumn.

Foreign workers will be allowed to stay in Japan for five years under a new framework that covers five industries — agriculture, construction, lodging, nursing and shipbuilding. 


Not traditional weeb industries tbh.

Methinks that there is more to this immigration ease up than first meets the eye…

The framework will make inroads into solving a severe labor crunch in Japan while creating jobs for foreign workers, which have thus far been limited to highly specialized positions due to concerns that an influx of immigrants could lead to a rise in crime.

Lawmakers within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party continue to harbor such worries, with Abe saying in February that he does not intend to open the country up to immigrants.

Reflecting this, the framework will include the five-year limit as well as barring foreign workers from bringing family members with them.

Oh gawd. You know its bad when they start denying it.

It’s about to happen to Japan too…


Deep down in my heart, I always thought the nips would be ok.

I always thought that if things really got bad, I could just move to the weeb paradise and be happy. 

As everyone knows, Japan is the Whitest country in the entire world – judging from their high tastes and cultural preferences.

I figured I could move to Tokyo and live in an Akira-inspired cyberpunk LARP for the rest of my days. I’d be like whatshisname from Neuromancer, living in Night City.

And then in the summer, I would go to Okinawa to chill out and play volleyball and eat watermelons and all that kawaii stuff that the cartoons told me that Japs do in the summer by the sea.

W-white piggu-san, you don’t tan very well, you should just give up trying

Or alternatively, I’d meet a fellow white person in a bar and we’d start a “foreigners in a foreign land” romance.

Lol, scarjo is a fatty tbh. 

Anyway, it seems that Japan is going to the whole “temporary guest workers” bit, which will transition into “permanent workers who we need to integrate into Japanese society” bit, followed by a blanket ban on Anime and globohomo ZOG taking over Japan as well.

What happened Japan??? I thought you were going to do the whole robot thing??


Half a million may not be much in a country of one hundred twenty million plus, but still. It’s the principle of the matter.

I’m sick of these lazy-ass farmers and big corporations importing scab labor instead of just ponying up and paying people decent wages for a hard days’ work.

Farmers legit ruined the United States with their whole, “who’s gonna pick the lettuce if not Mexicans” bit.

And now they’re going to ruin Japan as well.

Today is a sad day tbh.

A moment of silence, please.