“Nipples” Cuomo’s Video for His Brother Fredo is Pure Electionism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2020

You may have heard that some people are suggesting that Andrew “Nipples” Cuomo, the sadistic BDSM governor of New York, is planning to try to secure the Democrat nomination. Well friend – I am one such person.

Nipples is the media-molded candidate for a nation that is converting from democracy or whatever into a virus lockdown-based governmental system. Nipples has been the most prominent face of the Coronavirus hoax movement, and he’s been purposefully contrasted with Donald Trump. (Even though the only thing either of them has done is give press conferences, and the rest of everything else has been decided by circumstance, in particular the circumstances created by the Jew media.)

The entire world is being introduced to Nipples as a dumb, slow, abrasive, whiny, good-hearted Italian knucklehead. America has been seduced by these charms, to the point where many are okay with the fact he is a BDSM sex pervert.

In his Wednesday press conference, he gave a special message to his stupid brother, the knucklehead Chris “Fredo” Cuomo. It was perfectly staged as a media event to say “look, he’s himself been touched by the sting of the Coronavirus.”

Apparently, you’re supposed to believe he’s worried about his brother dying. Maybe he does believe that, as he is clearly hysterical. Fredo is under 50 and in good shape. I mean he’s jacked to the max on steroids, but he’s not fat, and I doubt that steroid use, for all the problems it causes, introduces increased risk for Coronavirus.

This means that under the official fake statistics, he has virtually zero percent chance of dying. Maybe like one in 100 million or something.

They say it’s 0.4% for his age range, from aggregated global statistics.

But that includes fat people and people with every disease. More importantly, that statistic itself is completely fake, as it is extrapolated only from the people tested, not the people that have the virus, and the media admits that most people who have the virus are never tested.


There are also “hidden carriers,” making the fatality rate very hard to estimate. It’s reasonable to believe that Covid-19 is less lethal than the crude statistics suggest.

At the moment, Italy has about 12,500 counted deceased, out of slightly more than 105,000 confirmed infections. The fatality rate stands at 11.7%. By contrast, Germany’s number of deaths can still be counted in the hundreds, meaning its mortality rate is 1%. The global estimate from the World Health Organization is 3.4%, and even that is probably an exaggeration.

I personally believe that at least twenty times the number of people who have been tested have the virus, which would make the death rate for his age group 0.002%. And all of those would be fat people.

The general public apparently believes that healthy men in their 40s are just dropping dead left and right, so they just take Nipples’ concern at face value. In reality, it can only mean that he is either:

  1. In the same state of absolute hysteria as the general public, or
  2. Faking concern that his brother is going to die as a public image management strategy

I personally don’t know which would make you less qualified to run a government. I guess the first one.

Anyway, the goyim will eat this up.

I think it’s clear now that people are already maneuvering to replace poor old Joe Biden, the senile old goof, with the hysterical flu hoaxer “Nipples” Cuomo.

In actual fact, this has become a major topic of public discussion.

On Tuesday, Fredo was interviewing Nipples on Skype, where he now hosts his show since he’s locked in his house with this flu. He played a clip of Donald Trump talking about how Nipples should run and asked Nipples if he was going to run.

The conversation will shock you.

Chris Cuomo: No, you won’t answer?

Andrew Cuomo: No. I answered. The answer is no.

Chris Cuomo: No, you’re not thinking about it?

Andrew Cuomo: I answered the question, sometimes it’s one word. I said no.

Chris Cuomo: Have you thought about it?

Andrew Cuomo: No.

Chris Cuomo: Are you open to thinking about it?

Andrew Cuomo: No.

Chris Cuomo: Might you think about it at some point?

Andrew Cuomo: No. No.

Chris Cuomo: No, you won’t answer?

Andrew Cuomo: No, I answered. The answer is no. No is sometimes one word. I said no.

Chris Cuomo: Have you thought about it?

Andrew Cuomo: No.

Chris Cuomo: Are you open to thinking about it?

Andrew Cuomo: No.

Chris Cuomo: Might you think about it at some point?

Andrew Cuomo: No.

Chris Cuomo: How can you know what you might think about at some point right now?

Andrew Cuomo: Because I know what I might think about and what I won’t think about. I won’t think about it. But you’re a great interviewer by the way.

Chris Cuomo: Appreciate it. Learned from the best.

Apparently, Andrew taught him how to do interviews? Is that the implication? Or is he referring to Wolf Blitzer?

Every media that has reported on this has reminded people that they talk this way to each other because they are Italian. However, I can reveal that they talk this way because they’re a couple of knuckleheads.

The exchange was obviously a preplanned thing, where they wanted to get the idea into everyone’s heads. Then, the same stupid goyim who believe the “I think he’s going to die” bullshit will buy this banter and when he finally does declare he’s going to run, think “ohhhhhhhh, his brother must have talked him into it! I just love their relationship, they’re so human and relatable and stupid.”

I’m not going to make a hard prediction here, and end up looking stupid like when Tucker Carlson said he knew for a fact that Michelle Obama was going to run and then said he knew for a fact that Biden was going to lose the primary.

I will however say that the fix is in, and all they have to do is decide to pull the trigger and Nipples Cuomo will replace Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee.

He would probably win, based on this heroic savior narrative the media has spun for him. Everyone loves a dumb media-manufactured heroic savior narrative. Remember that James Comey got away with all he got away with because the boomers were following some hero narrative about him that I don’t remember the details of.

The masses of people are really borderline retarded, and you can literally feed them any sort of silly emotionally-changed melodrama and they will just eat it up like hungry rats on a rotting corpse.

“Good day, my fellow huma – I mean, my fellow goyim. Look at me getting hassled by my little brother, haha, I feel so sad when I think he will die. I will never forget all those great times we had at the BDSM clu- I mean the pizza parl- I mean the baseball arena. We had so many interesting memories of the catcher getting hit with that stick. What a buncha knuckleheads.”

But again, we might have hit the end of the line for democracy. Donald Trump can probably just cancel the election if he wants, and he might actually have to. Come November, it is going to be absolute hell on earth, with tens of millions homeless, black riots, food lines, martial law with military on the streets, the whole bit.

It would be relatively easy for Trump to say it isn’t safe to hold an election.

And I’m not sure the media could say much after having spent all of these months telling people they can’t go outside.