Nipples Cuomo Says That Trump Kindly Asked Him About the Health of His Corona Brother

You would of course know that Trump would say this without being told, because it is obvious that when he talks to people privately he doesn’t act like an asshole unless he is mad. He isn’t a rude person. He just calls people names and mocks them publicly for comedic effect.

Fox News:

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed on Monday that President Trump has repeatedly asked him about the recovery of his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, following his coronavirus diagnosis last month.

Appearing on “The Howard Stern Show,” Cuomo was asked if he thought that Trump was “happy” that the liberal anchor, who is an outspoken critic of the president, was diagnosed with the virus out of spite.

The governor responded with a firm “no” and said that Trump expresses concern over the anchor’s health despite the acknowledgment of a “confrontational relationship” between Trump and his brother.

“The president always makes a point of saying to me, ‘How is Chris? Is he doing OK?’ And that’s not in his usual character,” Cuomo told host Howard Stern. “We’re not chit-chatty when we’re on the phone. But he always makes a point to say that about Chris and always remembers my mother.”

He continued, “So I don’t think that. I think part of it is genuine, personal feeling of anger and part of it is a little theater that goes with politics, especially the way it’s happening now in Washington.”

Nipples is good at this political stuff. He is basically the only Democrat ever to be a major political figure in the age of Trump and not go around hysterically screaming about how evil he is.

All things being equal, if we end up having an election in November, he’d be who I’d want running if I was a Democrat.

His campaign slogan could be “Grab America by the Nipples.”

Or perhaps “Give Donald Trump a Titty-Twister – Vote Cuomo for President of the United States!”