Nine and 12-Year-Old “Indian Climate Activists” Arrested?

This is more of that news on par with the “magical Abo tree ripped down by hateful white colonists” – the Indian child global warming protesters:

The media has taken to creating a fantasy reality where images from fairy books come to life. They are manufacturing fake news stories to push the agenda of promoting the idea that third world brown people are actually environmentalists fighting back against white industrialism.

Part of this is that children are somehow independent actors, like their own group of people with their own representatives, and they have an agenda to create peace and a clean environment.

The Independent:

A nine-year-old climate change activist in India was detained by police in New Delhi, according to reports.

Licypriya Kangujam, and fellow activist Aarav Seth, aged 12, were picked up by officers at the weekend after protesting about air pollution outside the Parliament House in the capital. New Delhi has among the worst air quality in the world and the city is often blanketed in thick smog.

Licypriya shared the news that she had been “briefly” held by police on her Twitter account.

According to a series of posts, she and Aarav were put in the back of a police truck and taken to an “undisclosed location”. They were held for around 40 minutes, according to the protesters.

“Instead of stopping air pollution, they’re trying to stop me,” Ms Kangujam tweeted.

Yes, the 9-year-old Indian girl has a Twitter account.

According to the media, she runs this account herself. She came up with all of these ideas herself. She is a representative of brown children.

Licypriya has been a climate activist since she was seven years old and has received a World Children Peace Prize as well as an India Peace Prize.

Sharing pictures of the poor air quality in the city, she said: “This is not the time to stay silent. I will continue my protest in front of the Parliament House. 21 out of 30 most polluted cities is in India.

“No concrete action yet. Instead of blame game, we want urgent climate action now with permanent solution to fight the air pollution.”

She also offered to provide a session on air pollution and the climate crisis for New Delhi police officers.

The news article never explains that her mother is putting her up to all of this, or that she is funded by a United Nations group. Because including that information would kill the fantasy for the true believers.

Look at this stuff on her Twitter page:

The #justice4Nikita hashtag is for another one of these Indian rape-murder situations. The 9-year-old is also a feminist activist, see?

Obviously, anyone who’s ever been around a 9-year-old knows that they do not have their own political agenda.

This spectacle is being manufactured for childless Westerners who believe in a flowery millennial delusion about the wisdom of children. They believe that successful grown white men are actually driven by an evil power, and that the counterbalance to that is the purity of children.

This is all just frankly very weird and it is gross.

Obviously, these children are being used by one of these NGO groups to push an agenda. Anyone can see that. But the weird thing is that people like this. Reddit eats this crap up.

This is how far the average leftist has flown from reality: they are deep into fantasies about how wise children will rise up to guide the world into a new age of peace and harmony.

It’s actually a religions belief. The concept of a “wise child” is no more outrageous than the concept of a talking animal or any other miracle.

Next, they will literally start talking about how there’s a brown baby in some shithole country whose first word was “warming” and how this infant is the new prophet of fighting against global warming.

This is all stupid and weird.


You’re dealing with people who have very, very low IQs and they believe in magical fantasy worlds created by the media.

That is the opposition here: people who do not reside in anything resembling reality.

You saw the way they praised the retarded teenage mutant Greta Thunberg as a prophet.

Then the media started using her as a messenger for coronavirus. CNN put the prophet Greta on an “expert panel” on coronavirus.

Again: a total other reality.

A big part of this is that children are wise and we need to listen to wise children, because as we’ve aged, we’ve forgotten the “wisdom of youth.”

It is also connected to a general belief that brown people are smarter than white people and have vague mystic powers.