Nimrata Randhawa Says UN is Biased Against Kikes, Only US Can Manage Palestinian Conflict

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2017

Nimrata Randhawa, the Indian ambassador to the UN, has claimed that the UN is purposefully abusive of Israel and that only America is capable of managing the Israel-Palestine conflict in an unbiased manner. She then ran out in the hallway and took a massive shit on the floor and said “sorry, I couldn’t make it to the street.”

Wait no this bitch is the American Ambassador.

That’s disgusting.

Anyway – her claim is very questionable, given that America has been run by Jews for fifty years, not Moslems.

Of course, we all remember that Trump’s original campaign promise was to be neutral on the Palestinian conflict, and it was basically the only point in his entire campaign where he was bullied into changing something. (Or maybe we don’t all remember that. With the people I see attacking Trump now as a “Zionist shill,” I wonder if people are forgetting a lot of stuff he’s said and done in the last 3 years.)

But that isn’t the perspective she’s coming from. She’s coming from the angle that this is still the Jewnited Snakes of Kikemerica.

Donald Trump is trying to fix that situation, but right now it still exists and it would be extremely difficult for him to do anything against Israel right now, directly. The timing of the embassy move is the best he could do, and it’s pretty damn good – it could literally be the event that triggers a revolution in Saudi Arabia that ends in some sort of Shiite-aligned regime.

The idea that Israel will actually get destroyed over this is hard to even take seriously on some level, I know. But it’s been a year of things you wouldn’t have taken the idea of seriously last year happening and it’s very likely next year is going to be worse.

Everything rides on how Trump responds to calls for Israel to intervene on their behalf.

So far, his Middle East record is:

  • Bombing Assad’s airbase a single time in response to a gassing hoax video circulated on the internet, killing a couple people
  • Making a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia
  • Pulling troops out of Syria and letting Russia defeat ISIS
  • Moving the embassy to Jerusalem, trigging a global Islamic uprising against Jews

So if you were going to try and glean something from that… you could basically read it any way.

I mean, if we want to do 1488D chess player analysis, it is quite possible he made that big thing of going to Saudi Arabia before and being so graciously welcomed by the royalty with the knowledge in mind that he was going to enrage the entire Islamic world and be the street-tantrum burning effigy guy.

Who knows if that type of analysis is productive. The response to Chessmaster Trump is “it’s just his instincts” which is to Prophet-King Trump.

It doesn’t matter why he does what he does, the only thing that matters is what he does. And so far, we’ve seen him stick to the plan, pretty much all the way through – save for that brief 3 week window between bombing Syria and firing Comey, where it was clear he was being manipulated in some manner.

Overall, he’s doing what he said he was going to do (he actually campaigned on the symbolic embassy gesture, in fact). And he said friendship with Russia and no more war in the Middle East.