Nike To Sell Sneakers Celebrating Black History Month

Daily Slave
January 11, 2015

lol – Black shoes to celebrate Black history.  What could be more ridiculous than this?

Can someone please explain to me what there is to celebrate about Black history?  Besides Blacks killing people, raping people, eating people, making stupid rap songs, putting a round ball through a basketball hoop and engaging in utterly retarded behavior, what is there to celebrate?  It is comical that Nike is using Black history month as a cheap marketing ploy to sell sneakers by acting like Blacks have made such amazing contributions to global culture.  Sorry folks but LeBron James dunking a basketball is not an amazing contribution to global culture.

How much do you want to bet that we’ll probably end up seeing thousands of Negro Americans riot and kill people just to get a pair of these sneakers.


Nike celebrates Black History Month by selling black sneakers. Surely the folks at Converse bang their Chuck Taylors against their foreheads for not coming up with this idea that the world has patiently waited 4.6 billion years for.

“Sport is an incredible platform to inspire and encourage positive social change,” the unfortunately named Michael Jackson, Nike’s vice president and general manager of Global Basketball, informs. “Our 2015 Black History Month Collection honors and celebrates the athletes and leaders who have influenced global culture and have paved the way for our next generation.”