Nike Makes “New Normal” GloboHomo Ad: “If We Don’t Fit the Sport, We’ll Change the Sport”

You cannot stop the Global Anal Syndicate. If they don’t fit in some sport, they’ll change the sport — just like they’re changing society.

They’re going to change all of us into Islamic homosexuals.

The key to making this world a better place is embracing The Anal Arts, and bending over backwards to accommodate tiny minorities of weird people whose identity stems from their anuses.


Nike’s newest ad has a powerful message about how sports can bring us all together to create change.

The 1 minute, 30 second clip called “You Can’t Stop Us” is narrated by soccer star Megan Rapinoe and features 53 people ranging from everyday athletes to superstars like Rapinoe, Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Colin Kaepernick and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Created by the Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency that has put together other popular Nike ads, the film’s extraordinary editing melds together 72 archival sports action sequences that were selected out of more than 4,000 pieces of footage, according to a news release by Nike.

The video starts with a Black swimmer melding into a white track athlete across a split screen, and then shows how the movements of different sports are the same. An equestrian competitor soars on a horse and then turns into a BMX rider flying off a jump. Swimmers launch off a starting block just as sprinters explode off the line to start a race.

“We’re never alone, and that is our strength,” Rapinoe says in the narration. “Because when we’re doubted, we’ll play as one.”

There are 24 sports represented in the clip, which highlights the kinetic movement of sports and aims to show the commonalities among athletes from different countries.

The clip also references the coronavirus pandemic with footage of empty stadiums being cleaned by workers followed by scenes of everyday people improvising ways to play tennis while in quarantine.

“We know things won’t always go our way,” Rapinoe says. “But whatever it is, we’ll find a way.”

The video ad also addresses the protests against racial injustice that have swept across the world, showing athletes in multiple sports taking a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Players may be back on the pitch, but we are not going back to an old normal,” Rapinoe said in a statement in the Nike release. “We need to continue to reimagine this world and make it better. We have all these people in the streets, using their voices, and those voices are being heard. I ask people to be energized by this moment and not let up. I believe it’s everybody’s responsibility to advocate for change.”

Rapinoe is shilling for the New Normal, embracing and promoting a weird combination of the coronavirus hoax and the globohomo agenda. For those who do not recall, this is the lesbian who sued FIFA, demanding that they pay female players 5 times the total profits for the entire sport (if you don’t know the story, read our article breaking it down – it was truly an amazing event).

Nike is an extremely “capitalist” company, which has used sweatshop labor in China (when such things were allowed in China). They sell plastic shoes that cost $16 to produce to poor black people for $500. Yet, for some reason, they are all in on a total communist agenda to promote the deranged Marxist idea that an Islamic extremist is exactly the same as an anally-fixated homosexual.

The classic leftist ideals of protecting the poor by “distributing wealth fairly” and so on have been totally replaced with bizarre social agendas. There is virtually no talk at all of the concentration of wealth or the abuses by corporations, and the overwhelming majority of leftists appear perfectly fine with this. That is because leftism was always feminine by nature, so they easily hopped on the train of accepting that the most oppressed people were not the working class but brown people and sexual deviants.

It is truly an incredible thing to see all of these mega-corporations embracing communism, and all of the communists embracing mega-corporations. But this is truly the system. Call it neoliberalism, I guess. Call it whatever you want. What we have right now is a combination of the very worst aspects of both right and left, a system tailor-made for the oppression of the masses of people, who are psychologically enslaved by a mystifying ideology that appeals directly to feminine nature.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.