Nike is Suing Satan Shoes

Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes by Nike” were apparently never endorsed by Nike.

The company Nas X was working with, MSCHF, just bought 666 pairs of Air Max 97s and modified them to make them satanic.

Nike is now suing MSCHF.

I didn’t sit down and read the lawsuit, but RT has some snippets from it:

Nike sought a preliminary and permanent ban of MSCHF (“mischief”) from “manufacturing, transporting, promoting, advertising, publicizing, distributing, offering for sale, or selling any products” under Nike’s marks or “any marks substantially indistinguishable therefrom,” along with monetary damages.

In the 24-page complaint, the company’s lawyers said that Nike has faced calls for boycott “based on the mistaken belief that Nike has authorized or approved this product” and included screenshots of negative comments on social media, including several users saying they “never want to purchase any Nike products in the future.”

Nike blames MSCHF for wanting to “capitalize on Nike’s valuable reputation and customer goodwill” by using its trademarks in a way “likely to cause consumers and potential customers to believe that MSCHF’s Satan Shoes are associated with Nike, when they are not.”

I’m generally critical of trademark and copyright lawsuits, but this really is a case where there is no way to argue that these people didn’t actively work to damage Nike’s brand by associating them with Satanism.

The defense is going to be that Nike has allowed people to alter their products and market them in the past, when they didn’t think it was harmful to their brand. MSCHF itself in 2019 sold Nike “Jesus Shoes,” also Air Max 97s, and Nike didn’t complain.

The brand victory for Nike will be in publicizing the case, to get everyone aware of the fact that they didn’t make or endorse these Satan Shoes.

I do think there is an agenda here to promote Satanism, but it really is funny to have this term “Satan Shoes” constantly in the headlines. I have to admit, I laugh every time I see it. I guess that proves that the attempt to trivialize satanism works even on me.

But let’s be real – that bitch from South Dakota getting in a Twitter war with Lil Nas X to defend Christianity against Satan Shoes was peak clown world entertainment.

The good news as regards all of this is that Satan is still unpopular enough that Nike views it as damaging their brand to be associated with Satan. But you will note that they clearly waited to see before launching this lawsuit. Initially, they didn’t comment at all, then they said they weren’t associated with it. Now, finally, they’re suing.

It’s clear that they weren’t initially sure it was bad for the brand to be associated with satanism.