Nike Introduces Hijabi Swimsuit for Modest Swimmers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2019

Nike is an absolute disgrace.

Adidas has nothing but niggers in their ads now, but at least they don’t do this.


Nike’s new Victory Swim Collection will include a full-coverage swimsuit and a swim hijab.

The collection “brings performance innovation to modest swimwear.”

“The more we listened, the more possibility we saw to serve female athletes in new dimensions,” said Martha Moore with Nike. “As we continue broadening our vision for innovation, we’re excited to inspire more women to see themselves in sport by thinking creatively and designing inclusively.”

The fabric is designed to be lightweight, breathable and fast-drying. The suits also have a high ultraviolet skin protection factor, according to Nike.

The full-coverage suit is available along with a separate hijab, tunic top and swim leggings.

The new swim options follow Nike’s release of a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes in 2017.

Nike said it began developing the hijab after some Muslim athletes complained about wearing a traditional headscarf during competition.

I’m not against sluts covering their hair. In fact, they should.

But this whole situation is totally insane, where these brown women are being encouraged by the global corporate apparatus to be modest and chaste – and thus have high breeding rates.

Meanwhile, white women are encouraged by that same apparatus to be complete whores – and thus have low or nonexistent breeding rates.

It is so in-your-face and obvious, that it is another one of these things that you just can’t even believe is actually happening.

They are literally saying to brown people: “we will do anything we can to help you keep up your breeding rates,” while saying the exact opposite to white people.

Then they tell you it’s because that’s what you requested.

I never requested for my women to go into complete whore mode and stop breeding after my religion was destroyed.

Did you request that? 

I think maybe boomers actually did request that, but surely this edict can be repealed by popular demand?