Nike Boss Says Nike “Is of China and for China” After Backlash Over Uyghur Statements Hit Profits

The ridiculous claim that anyone on earth cares about the Uyghurs is truly offensive.

No one even knows what the Uyghurs are, so how can they care if they are forced to go to camps and sing songs?

Here is the situation:

Media: Someone you don’t know on the other side of the planet was charged with abetting terrorism and forced to go to a camp and sing songs.


Does that seem logical?

Or does it seem like the media has the total ability to make people feel emotions?


The boss of Nike has made a robust defence of the firm’s business in China after facing a consumer boycott there.

Chief executive John Donahoe said “Nike is a brand that is of China and for China” in response to a question about competition from Chinese brands.

Mr Donahoe was speaking during a call with Wall Street analysts about Nike’s latest earnings report.

The comments come after the sportswear giant was recently hit by a backlash over statements about Xinjiang.

Mr Donahoe made the comments during a discussion on Nike’s fourth quarter earnings, which showed revenues had doubled to a better-than-expected $12.3bn (£8.8bn) for the three months to the end of March.

That helped it bounce back to a $1.5bn profit, from a $790m loss during the depths of the pandemic a year earlier.

The figures also showed that revenue in China rose to more than $1.9bn, but missed Wall Street expectations of $2.2bn.

Several Western brands, including Nike and Swedish fashion retailer H&M, recently faced a backlash from Chinese shoppers after the firms expressed concerns about the alleged use of Uyghur forced labour in cotton production.

In March, a group of Western countries imposed sanctions on officials in China over rights abuses against the mostly Muslim Uyghur minority group.

The sanctions were introduced as a coordinated effort by the European Union, UK, US and Canada.

In December, the BBC published an investigation based on new research showing China was forcing hundreds of thousands of minorities including Uyghurs into manual labour in Xinjiang’s cotton fields.

We are now hitting an interesting conflict between corporations wanting to make money and the US government attempting to foment regime change in China.

Ultimately, the media controls the minds of the masses of people in the West – or, at least they control the minds of white people. Blacks and others are more or less too stupid to follow along with all of these complex and weird narratives the media comes up with. What’s more, nonwhites don’t thrive on moral signaling in the way whites do.

Nike has engaged in a large scale Black Lives Matter campaign not because blacks care about it, but because whites care about it. Those same whites – who believe literally anything the media says, if that belief will give them a feeling of moral righteousness – care about terrorists in China being forced to pick cotton.

No one is considering that cotton picking is fun and people enjoy it.

In the longer run, Nike and other American companies are likely going to be prevented from doing business in China at all. Chinese people have self-respect, and won’t give money to companies that insult their nation with blood libel about cotton-picking terrorists. Meanwhile, the American media will destroy any company that refuses to go along with their anti-China agenda.

The Chinese market is big, but not as big as the American market, and the media has the ability to prevent Nike from being able to sell even to the blacks if Nike refuses to attack the Chinese.

In a perfect world, the business interests that are losing money from this campaign of war against the Chinese would be able to do a lot to prevent the war against the Chinese. However, given that we live in a world where the media is totally controlled by Jews, even multinational multi-billion dollar corporations like Nike are forced to bend the knee to the media’s narrative.

We can expect Nike to do a full reversal on these recent statements, and resume condemning the Chinese as evil slavers.

Both Democrats and Republicans are 100% on board with all of this. Ben Sasse is pushing now for a bipartisan move to label the Chinese government “a genocidal dictatorship.”

Ben Sasse is a highly moral person who knows that at the top of the priorities of the people of Nebraska is… the liberation of the Uyghurs.

What’s more?

He has a completely normal face.

This is all very normal, you see.

Along with that normal-faced person, the normal-faced Ted Cruz is also ready for war.

Gotcha artist Ben Swan recently hit Pakistani PM Chad Imran Khan with blame for Chinese abuses.

But it’s not just Jew-cons and Jew shills.

Fake populist JD Vance is also very concerned about these oppressed hajis.

Because American hillbillies care a lot about oppression of terrorists in a cotton field in Western China, donchaknow.

“Narrative Jack” is also on this narrative.

This is a very big operation.

These people are building up to a world war.

I don’t know what Nike is thinking, imagining they can play both sides of this.


I’m not from Nebraska and I’m not Jewish, so China committing a genocide against Moslems is not on my list of concerns at all, but I do care about the truth.

This is all just total nonsense. What the Jewish media and people like Chuck Schumer and Ben Sasse are doing is finding literal terrorists in China and supporting them.

Their only evidence of “oppression” are eyewitness accounts from CIA-linked terrorists.

This Chinese Moslem obviously seems to know what he’s talking about, no?

Xinjiang is actually a normal place, and people who aren’t terrorists live normal lives.

They live a lot better than the average American, I can tell you that much.

Again: as a normal person and non-Nebraskan, there is virtually nothing on earth I care less about than oppression of Moslems in Xinjiang. But it is just simply a fact that the whole thing is atrocity propaganda.