Nigtastic: Alleged Proud Boy Gets Shit Kicked in by Ultramob of Supernogs After Man Bites Dog

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2018

I’m much less than clear on all the details here, but the Proud Boys showed up at an event commemorating some niggerbitch who got stabbed to death on the BART by a white guy in Oakland.

Yes, apparently a man bit a dog.

He is homeless and mentally ill, but still – a white guy randomly stabbing a black woman is like a golden egg for the media, regardless of the fact that the opposite is some multiple of tens of thousands more common.

The cops have said there is no evidence he was connected to any “white supremacist” group or that this attack was racially motivated. But whatever. Try explaining that to the blacks at this point.

So the coloreds were having a memorial/protest thingie like they do whenever the Jewish media hypes them up.

The Cut:

Nia Wilson was just 18 years old when she was stabbed to death by a complete stranger as she disembarked from public transit in Oakland on Sunday night. She died at the scene. A day later, a 27-year-old man named John Cowell was arrested on suspicion of her murder.

On Monday night, a vigil was held in her honor at MacArthur Station, where she was killed. A Facebook page for the event described the gathering as a place for the community to “come hold space, light a candle and be together in our collective grief.” The vigil soon transformed into a protest, with members of the community leading call-and-response chants of “Say her name” and “Nia Wilson.”

And so for some reason the Proud Boys went there. Five of them.

I don’t really understand why.

Were they supporting the murderer?

If they were then uh, wow – hardcore.

But that doesn’t really seem like something they’d be doing.

I just don’t even get why they went.

But yeah – total ass beating.

Seems like something they could have predicted.

If they were in fact going there to support… random stabbings of random black people… they should have brought more people. A lot more.

If they were going there to signal solidarity with the blacks against senseless violence well, then fuck them, they deserved their ass-beating.

These animals kill our people every single day and nobody says a word. And you sure as hell don’t win any points by being an “Alt-Right” group that signals against racist killings.

Gavin McInnes isn’t really clearing this up on his twitter.

He is saying there was no meeting. The official Proud Boys Twitter is saying the Proud Boys didn’t interrupt the vigil.

But none of them are saying clearly that the guy in the top video getting his ass kicked is not a Proud Boy.

The Daily Caller is saying it is a Proud Boy.

But maybe he was just some random guy they jumped and called a Proud Boy?

Anyway, until someone explains to me why they went to this, I’m not going to make any judgement other than “yeah, that probably wasn’t a very good idea.”