Nightly Arson Attacks in Sweden – Literally Nobody Surprised

Life in Sweden is all about the vibrancy.

The incredible thing is that the government of Sweden doesn’t allow any pictures of the vibrancy to leave their borders. You’d think they’d want to share the joy with the world.

Infowars Europe:

Multiple consecutive nights of arson attacks and firebombings across the Swedish county of Scania have officials searching for suspects and possible connections, according to reports.

Two schools in Malmö were firebombed on Wednesday night, Fria Tider reports.

Fire services responded to a blaze at the Bäckagårdsskolan at 10:15 p.m. after “something flammable was thrown through a window.”

Just half an hour later, the Bellevueskolan also set alight via incendiary device.

“A firebomb was thrown at the facade, a so-called Molotov cocktail. There is broken glass and pieces of cloth here,” reporter Mikael Nilsson told SVT.

At least three cars were also burned during the same night.

On Thursday, the arson attacks reportedly continued, with several more vehicles charred or destroyed in three different fires across the town of Trelleborg.

A large container was also burned, with police indicating they obtained suspect descriptions.

“There is information that young people were visible in connection with the location of the fire,” police said.

Additionally, more car fires were set in Malmö and the ‘no-go zone’ of Rosengård during the early hours of Friday morning.

This probably isn’t even related to Black Lives Matter.

This is just standard immigrant behavior in Sweden.

If they’re ever questioned about it, the immigrants can simply reply: “well, you said you wanted vibrancy, right?”