Nigging Nogger Nagger Breaks Into a Large Number of Cars

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2018

It seems like the average citizen needs armored cars now.

Fox News:

Multiple residents near the Forest Oaks area reported that their cars were broken into overnight. The sheriff’s office estimated the suspect broke into eight to 10 vehicles.

One person, however, told authorities they spotted the suspect’s vehicle, officials reported.

Using that description, deputies located the vehicle in a Food Lion parking lot.

As authorities approached, the man drove away, crashing on Liberty Road across from Tabernacle United Methodist Church.

Deputies report the man then ran into the nearby woods.

Law enforcement found some of the stolen items, as well as a handgun, inside of the crashed vehicle.

The suspect is described as a 5’5″ black man in his 40s with dreadlocks wearing all black clothing.