Niggers Whine That Tech Companies Aren’t Hiring Enough People of Color

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2018

Black software engineers like the one pictured above are a rarity in today’s tech companies.

Blacks are still upset that tech companies aren’t hiring enough niggers. They are claiming that since niggers own lots of smartphones, that more niggers need to be hired in the tech industry.


African-Americans are among the top owners of mobile devices, but aren’t being considered when it’s time for social media and technology companies to hire.

The National Urban League is highlighting this new technology gap in its 2018 State of Black America report released Thursday, and pushing social media and technology companies to put in place safeguards and corporation solutions to make sure minorities don’t get left behind in the digital revolution.

“C-suite executives of tech firms publicly espouse the gospel of racial and gender diversity and inclusion, but these spaces do not reflect our nation’s demographic diversity,” said Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. “Only increased representation from top to bottom will drive corporate change that prioritizes equity.”

Morial said that the latest Equal Employment Opportunity reports filed by Google, Facebook and Twitter showed that only 758, or 1.8 percent, of their combined workforce of 41,000 employees, were black. And their own research showed that in the majority of tech companies, fewer than five percent of the workforce is black, while at least half of the workforce is white.

The organization introduced a “digital inclusion” index that is supposed to answer the question: “Are the new job, business and educational opportunities created by increased digitization of our world being equally shared?”

This type of logic only makes sense if you are a low IQ individual. Using a particular product doesn’t mean you are qualified to engineer it. It’s like claiming that anyone who can drive a car must also possess the mechanical engineering knowledge to build one from scratch.

The National Urban League thinks this smartphone user can also engineer a smartphone.

But let’s face facts here. All this talk from tech companies about racial diversity is just for show. If they hired large quantities of blacks, all their systems and software would quickly fail. Everyone inherently knows this but few dare to say this out loud due to all of these politically correct social norms that have been enforced on us by Jews.

It’s also not fair to put blacks in a position where they are destined to fail. Remember the story of the nigger software engineer for Uber? He couldn’t handle the stress from the job so he killed himself. It’s probably safe to assume that he was only hired to fulfill a diversity quota mandated by the Human Resources department. They only do this so upper management can point to these diversity hires and tell everyone that they aren’t racist. But in hiring this nigger for a job that he was unqualified to hold, they caused him to suffer a mental breakdown. They might as well have just lynched the poor bastard.

It’s also bad enough that these companies try to save money by hiring street shitting Indians to write code and maintain systems. Generally speaking, they don’t do a very good job. Their work product is almost always mediocre but passable enough to the point where it doesn’t generate frequent red alert emergencies. On the other hand, bringing in large numbers of full blooded niggers would be an unmanageable disaster.

But since many of these tech companies are evil Jew-run enterprises, I fully endorse them being forced to hire as many blacks as possible. The more blacks they hire, the greater the chance that their organizations will fail.