Niggers Mug Two Humans in New Orleans [UPDATE]

Daily Stormer
June 27, 2017

Look at the cuck on the right. He sees his buddy get jumped, and has almost no reaction at all. The fuck is wrong with him?


Well, it seems I wasn’t wrong thinking these were cucks. But I severely underestimated how cucky they are.


Two whites males from Boston went to New Orleans for the annual convention of the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association [UUA]. They were savagely attacked by a group of black males Saturday evening. One of the victims was left near death. He is currently in a coma and listed in critical condition.

“Universalist” . That sounds kinda cucky, right?

The victims are James Curran and Tim Byrne. They were attacked around 9:00 PM while they walked back to their hotel in the French Quarter.

One suspect, Dejuan Paul, 21, has been arrested. The New Orleans police department says that they know who the other three suspects are.

When you’re not sure if you’re a nigger or a spic, best to be both!

Spiggers – the Jewish version of the Uruk-Hai

Oh, and this is a picture of the cucks:

But WAIT! It gets better!


The UUA is a church founded in 1961 by former members of the Universalist Church. The Universalist Church was a “radical abolitionist” church and the first church to ever ordain female pastors in the United States. However, the founders the UUA thought the Universalist Church was not progressive enough and started a splinter church. Today the president, and much of the senior leadership, of the UUA are Lesbians.

HAHAHHAHAHAHA! These retards went to a church run by dykes! Who, no doubt, will probably berate them(or just the one, if the other doesn’t wake up from the coma) about how mean they were that they didn’t just give their wallets away. Now, some poor spigger is gonna spend years in prison because these evil White men didn’t actively redistribute their money and women to the poor POC they’ve been oppressing for billions of years! The crime-to-prison pipeline is real, and only getting worse by the day.

But seriously, what kind of fucking church can lesbians run? I’m an atheist, but I really hope I’m wrong just so these faggots and sub-humans all burn in hell.