That Bitch Lakendra Aint Feed She Keed, Put the Chain on Her Ass

Da nigga and he bitch done be got swooped on cuz they ain’t feedin they keed, and they done beat that nigga. These niggas is from Texas.

Bitch cops sed this shit on Monday.

Da bitch ass cops sed this bitch be 9-year-old, and she ain’t eat no food in a minute, because this bitch ain’t feed her no food.

That nigga name be Walter Hawthorne, he 34, and his bitch be called Lakendra Williams, she 30.

First, some nigga called the amber lamps because that keed sleepin and ain’t wake up. Then, cops be like, you niggas gotta feed this bitch, yall go to jail.

In da haspiddle, they said this bitch only has 35 pounds weight. Her fat mama weight, you add a zero on that. Fer rill.

The bitch say the cops that her keed ain’t like eatin food. Cops ain’t buyin that shit, they sed.

The keed done telled to the cops that these niggas handcuff she ass at her ankles, and beat she with a leash for the dawg. Niggas is whack. Keed said she ain’t eat cuz they ain’t give her no food.

The keed also test positive for that Covid, you know. So she gonna die anyway. If yall believe that shit, huh.

Those niggas still in jail. Ain’t got no lawyer. They gon need one, fo shoe. Yall niggas gotta use your brein, and relize that keeds gotta eat food, just the same as yo fat ass. A dawg gotta eat food, keeds gotta eat food, ererybuddy gonna has to eat food, yall best member dat, cuz them polease ain’t fuckin around out der.

Apologizes to Fox 5 New York.