Nigerians Getting Banned from UAE – Nigerians Take Responsibility for Collective Nigerian Behavior!

The president of Nigeria is literally a distinguished gentleman

I recently wrote that black Africans are much better than American blacks, because they are not so whiny and prone to blaming others for their problems. They also appear to be more intelligent (which would make sense, given that American blacks were specifically bred for strength).

Obviously, Africa is third world, but they also have real cities.

I mean, just flip through this video.

It’s a lot nicer than Detroit or the South Side of Chicago, I think everyone can agree.

Some people got mad when I pointed this out. I don’t really understand exactly why – it was either that Americans were saying “no! our blacks are the best blacks!” or people just feel offended if you say “actually, blacks can sort of run a civilization.”

Whatever emotions people have about the issue, the fact is that cities do exist in Africa and some parts of some of these cities are pretty nice. That is a fact that exists outside of anyone’s emotions.

We hear about the violence in South Africa – but Africa is really actually very big, and there are different cultures spread across it.

There are some African cities that have lower crime rates than some European cities – probably because they are much harder on crime.

The point that I was trying to make when I brought this topic up was that I think in a future without Jews, it would be relatively easy to make deals with various African nations to send back the Africans in America. Africa is not on the whole just a circus show of jungle violence – these countries have ordered governments. We can pay these governments to accept black Americans making Aliyah.

I thought about this again today when I saw that “Nigeria” was trending on Twitter.

The trend was related to the fact that the UAE is banning Nigerian visas because Nigerians commit too much crime.

I scanned through the tweets responding to this, and there was not a single Nigerian blaming the UAE for “racism.” Instead, they were all telling other Nigerians to stop committing so many crimes, as it was going to result in all of the Nigerians working in the UAE getting rounded up and kicked out of the country.

Hear that?

“We as a ppl get issues!”

I could not find a single tweet blaming the UAE. Every single tweet about this issue is from a Nigerian reflecting on the behavior of Nigerians as a group.

It’s shocking to see all of these blacks accepting group responsibility for group behavior.

It can really only lead to the single conclusion: all of this whiny black terrorism in America is the result of Jewish instigation. The media is pumping these blacks up, telling them to go nuts blaming all their problems on whites.

Of course, even if blacks are willing to take responsibility for their behavior, you still can’t really live with them – they are just too prone to committing crimes. Right now, I would say blacks in America commit ten times more crimes than they normally would. But even 10% of the crimes is too much.

The point that I want people to grasp here is that in a world where Jews do not control the American government and media, we could send these blacks back to Africa in a mostly peaceful way.

African blacks are not nearly as bad as American ones, and we could easily make deals with these governments. We can also spam the internet with videos about how happy blacks are to return to Africa.

Obviously, American blacks will create massive crime waves in the African countries that accept them, but that is just something they are going to have to be paid to deal with.

The bottom line is this: anyone who tells you that we have problems other than the Jews is lying to you, or is too stupid to understand basic facts. The only problem that we have is the Jews. The issue with the blacks, along with all the other issues, could easily be solved if we did not have these Jews.


Nigeria recently banned Twitter. I don’t know how all these Nigerians are posting on Twitter. Some of them obviously live abroad. Maybe others are using VPNs or maybe the Nigerian telecom companies just don’t know how to ban websites.